Amaro confident about keeping Ruiz and Halladay

         Talk on CSN Philly about keeping Halladay and his health

“I don’t know what the future is going to hold, but I want to go somewhere that wants me and somewhere that is going to have a shot.” 

 “Like I’ve always told you guys, I hope that’s here. Worst case scenario, I start throwing and things aren’t happening the way they’re supposed to. Then I’m going to be honest with whoever’s interested and make a decision from there.”

Those were the words from Roy Halladay a day after he had to be pulled from the Marlins vs Phillies game in the first inning in Miami. His doctor told him that he needed rest, about 3 weeks rest to be exact and now that’s what Halladay will be getting as he is truly finished for the season.

The Phillies hold the keys to a 4th year option to Halladay at another $20M, he just collected a cool $60M from the Phillies for his pitching services for 2011 though 2013. Would resigning Halladay make sense for the Phillies?

Ruben Amaro Jr. seems to think that keeping Halladay is a priority. A seasoned veteran that has brought a lot of great things to Philadelphia, Halladay is also a lock for a spot in the Hall of Fame as well and Hall of Fame type pitchers aren’t that easy to find, so the Phillies may not be totally wrong in keeping Halladay.

Carlos Ruiz is another player that has played well enough for the Phillies to consider giving him another contract. Ruiz is coming off of his 4 year contract that paid him $13.35M. You have to figure Chooch to look for at least $15M for a 2 year deal that will probably take him to the end of his career.

Keeping Chooch shouldn’t even be talked about, it should have just been done. A catcher is supposed to be carrying a team, and at times that is what Carlos has done for the Phillies through all of the trouble with Ryan Howard being out so much in the past couple years. 

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