Lee wins 13th – Halladay to start tonight

Roy Halladay could be down to his last 2 home starts – will be on the mound tonight

Cliff Lee notched his 13th win last night for the Phillies, on a solemn day that a lot of us still remember very vividly. That of course being September 11th, and the anniversary of the attack on the World Trade Center and America. Hard to believe 12 years have passed since that day, and it is something that should never be forgotten.

Baseball grinded to a halt some 12 years ago for a week while flights were grounded and a lot of people wondered ‘what was coming next.’ No one was thinking about baseball right after the attacks happened, but it was baseball that helped a lot of us get back to some sort of normalcy after the terrible events that took place.

I remember going up to New York to see a game on an anniversary of September 11th a few years ago, it was very moving and still very fresh in people’s minds, especially a lot of people in the New York City area, which was devastated with losing thousands of people to the terrorist plot.

Tonight it’s Roy Halladay in what could be one of his last home starts in a Phillies uniform. Hard to believe that Halladay’s time may already be up with the Phillies, the team does have a $20M option that they could pick up, but it appears unlikely that they will do that especially with Halladay’s age and the injury he is coming off of.

Upcoming Phillies milestones: 

Jimmy Rollins needs 1 more HR to give him 200 career HR’s 

Cole Hamels needs 2 more wins for 100 for his career, and 9 more SO for 1,500 career strikeouts

Jonathan Papelbon needs 17 more saves for 300 career

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