Mets and Phils meet again for a 4 game series

The Mets and the Phillies have very similar results this year so far, just so happens that the Phillies have a lot more salary tied up in their players, where the Mets have really jettisoned most of the players that haven’t produced for them and were paid big money to do so. Just two seasons ago in 2011, the Mets payroll was an astonishing $142M and they were going nowhere (the Mets are down to a $95M payroll in ’13), does that sound a bit familiar to Phillies fans reading the blog?

Somewhere, there is a contingent of Phillies management that still feels that this group on the Phillies can still make it to the World Series, Doc Halladay included. The team won’t even make the playoffs this year again, but things are looking up.

In fact, yesterday the Phillies managed to take back third place in the NL East thanks to some renewed energy on the team and some much needed wins. The Phillies are 6-4 in their last 10 and the Mets just lost 4 in a row. The Phils now stand at 59-71 on the season and the Mets 58-70.

What is strange about the Mets this year is that they are a dismal 26-36 at home and 32-34 on the road, they seem to play better when they are on the road this year.

The Mets started a promotion this year where you can buy a seat and get a Mets shirt for $19 called T-Shirt Tuesdays, a real bargain. The shirt is kind of wacky looking though, maybe if they left the golden goose of the shirt, it would’ve been better.

Back to salaries, did you know that the Mets still had to pay Jason Bay $18,125,000 this season even though he is with the Seattle Mariners in ’13? He’s batting .204  with 11 HR and 20 RBI in 68 games. Johan Santana is still on the Mets, made $25.5M this season and probably won’t appear for the at all, he’s the last of the bloodsuckers that took this team down in the haze of the Omar Minaya GM Mets debacle saga.

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