Phillies like to play in DC but not lately

The Jefferson Memorial is one of the nicest in DC

The Phillies are quite content in playing in Washington Nationals stadium, despite getting the loss last night, the Phillies have an overall record of 88-59 at the home of the Nats since they moved in from Montreal in 2005.

The Phillies earned most of the wins which came at the expense of terrible Nationals teams that were on the field for the first 6 years or so of the franchise’s history. In fact, the Phillies now have lost 4 of the last 5 series in Washington in what is becoming a disturbing trend for the Phils. The last series win here in Washington by the Phillies came last year in last day of July/early August 7/31 to 8/2.

If the Phillies are going to be more successful this season, they will need a much better clutch performance from Ben Revere. Revere grounded into a DP with the bases loaded against the Nationals, and he’s been up 4 times so far this season with the bases loaded and only has produced 1 RBI and has 0 hits in all of those AB’s with bases loaded so far this year.

That is the Phillies problem, a lack of clutch hitting when it calls for an RBI or rally. Ryan Howard for example has only been up to bat one time with the bases loaded, in that one AB he produced 2 RBI. In 39 AB’s that Howard has had with runners in scoring position, he has struck out 17 times and that is far too many times that he is striking out in those situations.

Game 2 of the series tonight in DC, it’s Jonathan Pettibone vs Dan Haren

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