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blogging Phillies baseball and the home of Phillies Talk Podcast by Rich Baxter

Brown shines in Grapefruit League, can he continue it

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If I had a dollar for every time that I heard the name Domonic Brown and the word ‘top prospect’, I’d be well ahead of the game with a few thousand dollars in my pocket. We’ve been hearing the name Domonic Brown for some time now in the Philadelphia Phillies circles. He has had all of the tools, but yet something was just missing.

Whatever has been missing with Brown has now apparently been found in Spring Training 2013 by Domonic Brown it seems. I remember he originally came up to the Phils minors as Dominic Brown, but later said to the team after some time, by the way my name is actually ‘Domonic.’

After Brown made a few major league games with the Phillies, people touted his power and prowess in the field. Maybe he believed too much of what he had heard, because there was a way about Brown especially the way he played right field, that some people didn’t care for. He played loosely sort of like a Deion Sanders used to play baseball. Too much flair and not enough of the basics. Catching the ball with one hand and then making an odd glove move the way Willie Montanez used to do when he was playing first base for the Phillies.

A lot of people are still playing the waiting game to see what Brown can do. Those critics are being perked up by an unusually great Spring that Brown is enjoying at the moment. He appears very healthy and it just maybe his time to shine.

Brown’s Spring Training stats so far: (not counting 3/19/13)

2013 PHI 25 21 68 60 20 24 2 0 5 11 6 7 .400
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Generated 3/19/2013.

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