Phils season tix available as Spring Training looms

Will something happen to burst Phillies bubble again this season? Uncertainty surrounds fan opinions

I remember just a short time ago, the Phillies had a tremendous waiting list for season tickets, both partial and full plans. That long list has apparently dissolved as there is now plenty of available seats this season from the Phillies if you’re still on the fence about what to do.

We’re a little less than a week until pitchers and catchers report to Clearwater and the start of another long season for the Phils. The last few seasons have been a big disappointment after really big buildups and massive salary spending.

A lot of fans have taken a cautious approach, like they don’t know whether to be bullish on this upcoming season or afraid of what happened last year. The magic feeling that the Phils generated before has now vanished into a vacuum of uncertainty. A team that is still carrying a massive payroll by most standards, and in question of will they be successful this year.

Yes, and there is talk again about how ‘old’ the Phillies are. No, they’re not really that old, but in baseball terms they are. When you don’t really have a phenom on your team that is below 25 years old, you stand out. The Phillies may have that phenom in Darin Ruf, it will be interesting to see how they handle him this year. Players like him seem to come around only sparingly. He’s not really all that young at 26 years old either. The Phillies seem to keep some ballplayers down in the minors too long, like the player that is named Ryan Howard. Or, did they keep him down in the minors just long enough until he was ready to bloom?

What will happen this year, as other teams around the Phillies in the NL East have really bulked up. Will everyone be healthy this year, can the Phillies end up better than 81-81. This is a very important season, not to continue a dynasty anymore, because that is now gone, but just to see if this team still has what it takes to compete.

p.s. The new twitter champion of the Phillies is now Ben Revere, @BenRevere9, the Phillies new center fielder, he’s the most personable player on the team now when it comes to tweeting out comments and chatter. He’s claimed the crown from Jimmy Rollins, @JimmyRollins11, who has eased back from the number of tweets he used to send out.

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