MLB suspends Chooch, say it ain’t so…

Chooch – not so super with his actions anymore

Carlos Ruiz taking a stimulant? He always looks so sedate and calm, it’s hard to believe that he would do that, but that is what the MLB announced late this afternoon. Chooch is suspended for 25 games and it was revealed that this was the second time that he has tested positive for a banned substance. The first one is a free pass unbelievably when it comes to a stimulant.

Is it me, or does the MLB have more excuses than they should be giving out for these ballplayers? In this day of chemicals and drugs pervading society, the MLB is doing what it can to police it’s players, but some would claim it’s even too lenient.

The drug involved treats hyper-activity and ADD, and if Ruiz suffers from that, he never let anyone else know about it. If no doctor prescribed it for Ruiz, he’s likely has dabbled in it and other things, though the MLB didn’t reveal what his first positive test was for or when it was discovered.

This sets a bad example for baseball, a bad example for the Phillies and it costs Ruiz a lot of money. More important though is the reputation he enjoyed with fans. Ruiz was always looked upon so fondly and though we don’t know any of these player’s habits in the off season, we want to believe that they are like Superman, living each day like a wonderful dream, being a baseball player and getting so well paid to do it. That dream was just shattered today, could be just the first bit of bad news for this team again in 2013?

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