Phillies vs Nationals 2013

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Phils even series with Nationals; End Nats 7 game winning streak

It seems so long ago that Werth was on the Phillies, doesn’t it? The Washington Nationals are fighting for a chance to be one of the teams that make it into the playoffs this year. In the beginning of the season, the Nats were favorites to win the division in the NL East, but things didn’t go their way and […]

Washington Nationals know a thing or two about low run support

The Phils take on Bryce Harper and the Washington Nationals this weekend The Phillies haven’t been the only team bitten by extremely low run support this season. The Nats just returned to Washington from a 4-6 West Coast road trip to play the Phillies this weekend. We’ve all known about the Phillies inability to score well with Cole Hamels on […]