NY Mets 2013

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Mets and Phils meet again for a 4 game series

The Mets and the Phillies have very similar results this year so far, just so happens that the Phillies have a lot more salary tied up in their players, where the Mets have really jettisoned most of the players that haven’t produced for them and were paid big money to do so. Just two seasons ago in 2011, the Mets […]

Phillies Talk Podcast: Bring on the Mets!

The season is still young in 2013, sure I would have liked the Phillies to win their first 6 games but they are now 2-4 but nothing to fear, the Phillies have the Mets playing here! To preview the Mets team for 2013, I appeared on Gary Mack’s NY Mets podcast called, Mets Musings. We talked about each other’s team […]