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Phillies phalter on Phriday

#487863265 / gettyimages.com Jayson Werth speaks with Ryan Howard before the game last night in Philadelphia, memories of when these two earned a World Series championship in 2008 in Philly The Phils had a special that hasn’t been seen in a while around Citizens Bank Park, it’s doubtful that this special really ever has been done at CPB at all, […]

Phils even series with Nationals; End Nats 7 game winning streak

It seems so long ago that Werth was on the Phillies, doesn’t it? The Washington Nationals are fighting for a chance to be one of the teams that make it into the playoffs this year. In the beginning of the season, the Nats were favorites to win the division in the NL East, but things didn’t go their way and […]

Labor Day finds the Phillies laboring for wins

The Labor Day holiday is finally here, what a fast summer. The Phillies return home to face some National League foes for the first two series, and then welcome in the San Diego Padres in for this 9-game home stand. First up for the Phils is the Washington Nationals, the Nats looked on paper like they were going to really […]