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New Phillies Talk Podcast talking with Todd Zolecki on his new Roy Halladay book

It’s the end of May, we’ve been watching the baseball negotiations about the possible start of the 2020 season affected by the Pandemic. Will they or won’t they? Listen to the latest Phillies Talk Podcast from to hear the latest! Here’s a new edition of the Phillies Talk Podcast with myself and Matt Veasey talking with’s Todd Zolecki […]

Wall of silence on negotiations for MLB 2020 season start

Baseball fans are a patient bunch, we’ve heard the MLB has put into play a large 68-page PDF on what the league will do to monitor and help prevent any MLB player from getting Covid-19 and what will happen if they did test positive. We also heard on an offer by owners to share the revenue of this season with […]

MLB Network to have Phillies 1980 Specials all day on May 22, 2020

MLB NETWORK TO CELEBRATE 1980 WORLD SERIES CHAMPION PHILADELPHIA PHILLIES TOMORROW, MAY 22, BEGINNING AT 9:00 A.M. ET             May 21, 2020 – In honor of the 40th anniversary, MLB Network will air 12 hours of programming dedicated to the 1980 World Series champion Philadelphia Phillies tomorrow, May 22, beginning at 9:00 a.m. ET. As part of its programming lineup, MLB Network will air all four […]

Jackie Robinson’s first trip to Philadelphia – May 9, 1947 – 73 years ago today

Today mark’s the 73rd Anniversary of Jackie Robinson‘s first trip to play in Philadelphia at Shibe Park when the Brooklyn Dodgers came to town to play the Philadelphia Phillies. It was the first game of a 4-game series between the red hot league-leading Dodgers against a lower-ranked Phillies team. Embed from Getty Images Yes, controversy happened in Philadelphia with regards […]

“Doc: The Life Of Roy Halladay” by Todd Zolecki, a look at the new book

Probably the book of the summer you’ll want to pick up here. A story about Roy Halladay, from the beginning of his career to the bitter end of it in Miami for the Phillies, now an incredibly fast, seven years ago. I was one of the many fans who really liked Roy Halladay when he signed with the Phillies. That […]

Phillies Longest and Shortest Games for 9-innings

This post is being written when there is really no baseball news going on, during the Pandemic that swept over the World starting about mid-March 2020. There’s always something you can write about baseball, and today, I was reading something on game length time, which prompted me to want to run for my Phillies Media Guide to check out the […]

Baseball Simulations abound, but are there too many around?

The 2020 MLB baseball season being postponed has been the rise to the ‘baseball simulation’ events. Sure, these simulations have been around, we’ve seen them for season predictions on websites like: Fangraphs, Baseball-Reference, and Baseball-Almanac and more. What has the MLB world of fans taking note? Watch the video below: Lately we’ve had a lot of simulations going on at […]

Dream Brackets, Out of The Park Baseball, and MLB The Show: Oh my

When I first heard about the MLB The Show Player’s League, I was a bit skeptical, I am not a huge fan of video games, I’ll play one once in a while but I don’t live to play them like some people do. So the first night, a few weeks ago, I decided I would try to watch a professional […]

Sunday Night 4/19/20 Livestream with MLB The Show 20 – Rhys Hoskins

It’s time for more video game baseball with the player’s league, the Phillies player in this league is Rhys Hoskins, he’s at 8-4 coming into tonight’s play. Rhys has some underwhelming opponents tonight, so he could do very well! ** Rhys was about 15 minutes late live streaming tonight, so I showed some of Hunter Pence’s channel until Hoskins went […]

Saturday night at 9 PM – Rhys Hoskins plays MLB The Show 20 video game live

I didn’t think I would like this quarantine distraction of watching Major League players get together and play video baseball games. I’ve been tuning quite a lot though to many different games. Here’s tonight’s live stream games of Rhys Hoskins. This will video will have one game from his previous set of games and all of Saturday night’s games. The […]

Halladay, analysis of the facts and the upcoming book called, ‘Doc’

Just two days ago, a report was issued by the NTSB, the National Safety and Transportation Board in reference to the plane crash that took the life of Roy Halladay back on November 7, 2017. Embed from Getty Images The progress of investigating the accident is taking it’s course and now 2 1/2 years later, there are more facts coming […]