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Utley Shocks Covid Doc with Special appearance

MLBNetwork’s show “Intentional Talk” has been still in production during the long pause now that baseball has taken due to the Covid-19 crisis. The show isn’t easy to find though, you won’t find it on the regular MLBNetwork lineup. Intentional Talk was MLBNetwork’s first ‘talk show’ originating in 2011 it currently has over 575 episodes. But lately, they’ve had to […]

Frank’s 2020 Phillies Lineup

In the overall scheme of things, creating a potential Phillies lineup for the 2020 season might land at No. 6 on my list of priorities. Coronavirus Covid-19 is the big one. Caring for my family. Prayers to keep all healthcare workers safe and concern for my fellow man. Eating. And not dying — occupy the first five delicate slots. So […]

Rhys Hoskins first @MLBTheShow game tonight at 9PM Live

It’s the second broadcast of the new Players League for MLBTheShow, and hopefully, things go better tonight for the broadcast. Last night, the main channels you were supposed to see this at didn’t have anything for up to 45 minutes after it was supposed to start. A digital ‘rain delay’ maybe but very frustrating waiting for as well. Anyway, this […]

Starting up the MLB again, what is the latest?

As we’ve been reading about since baseball pulled the plug on the Spring Training season due to the Pandemic, the next biggest question was coming up repeatedly, would there be an MLB in 2020? We’ve been getting different updates in the past three weeks, the most solidly sounding came a couple of days ago, primarily reported by Jeff Suppan over […]

FightinPhillies Livestream of MLBTheShow Players League at 9 PM Eastern tonight

It’s a Livestream of what is going on with the MLB Players league games between one another, tonight, I’ll look at the Amir Garrett of the Cincinnati Reds taking on Blake Snell of the Tampa Bay Rays live in baseball video game action! You can watch it here or click on the Youtube page for FightinPhillies and join in on […]

Lunch time video update for Good Friday, April 10, 2020

I’ll do a few of these video updates around lunchtime to fill in the gaps of information coming from the MLB and Phillies news as well, please subscribe to the Youtube channel for more! Join me later tonight here Good Friday night at 9PM Eastern at and on Saturday night at 9 PM at for the @MLBTheShow player […]

Latest Phillies Talk Podcast, with Lou Schiff, a SABR award-winning author

It’s the latest edition of the show, Phillies Talk Podcast with Rich Baxter, I am joined with Matt Veasey from and special guest Lou Schiff, baseball historian, and SABR Award-winning author. Click this link to go to the Google Podcast page for the show!

How Florida may have cost itself a lot of money if MLB goes to Arizona

A few weeks ago, everything was freewheeling and fun in Florida, just as the announcement was made about the Covid-19 virus becoming a Pandemic, the dominos started to fall, in Florida, and other places across the country. Things started changing rapidly as MLB baseball ordered a shutdown and other recreation and entertainment companies like Disney, Sea World, and others followed […]

Phillies player numbers over the years

One of my favorite associations with baseball is the numbers that some of the players have worn over the years, specifically Phillies players. Over at you can scroll to the bottom of their main page and look for the ‘Frivolities’ section, under that heading you’ll find “Uniform Number Tracker” which will then tell you quite a bit about what […]

Being a Phillies fan through life’s disasters, wars, and bad times

We’ve been experiencing a really bad national disaster, brought on by a pandemic that originated in China and has now engulfed our shores unlike anything we’ve seen since World War II. Day after day, we’ve been enduring a national emergency. It’s downright scary for all and the circumstances for a cure seem clouded at this moment in time. Most recently […]