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Rich Baxter is the writer/editor at and a baseball fan back to the early 1970s, and the Phillies Talk Podcast at the site is the longest-straming independent show on the Phillies team.

Phils to play weekend series vs Blue Jays

The Phillies and the Yankees were postponed, the Phils have all tested negative so far in the Covid-19 tests after playing a Marlins team that had a massive break-out of the virus among its players. So far it is officially unknown on how the team got infected so badly. Embed from Getty Images Baseball hasn’t slowed down too much, here […]

Covid-19 forces postponement of Phils vs Yanks

The news yesterday that up to 16 players and coaches had tested positive for the Covid-19 virus from the Marlins (8 known yesterday and 4 previously) after they had played in Philadelphia caused the cancellation of not only the Marlins game that was scheduled in Miami, but also the Phillies vs Yankees which was scheduled to take place last night […]

Velasquez disappoints in the first start for 2020

Vince Velasquez was handed an early lead yesterday and did nothing but squander it. The Phillies came out swinging against stand-in pitcher Robert Dugger for the Marlins who wasn’t too good either when he was asked to pitch for the team following the scratch of Marlins pitcher Jose Urena was a late scratch from the mound. The Phillies plated 4 […]

Vince Velasquez 2020

Phillies add offensive blast to Game 2, wrap up with Marlins today

The Phillies were firing on all cylinders towards the middle of yesterday afternoon’s game against the Marlins. Backed by rock-solid pitching in Zack Wheeler, the Phils offensive juggernaut took a while to get going but once it did, there was no looking back. A 7-1 victory was the final tally and the runs came from a guy (more on him […]

Watching intrasquad games is a clue of what we’ll see when the season opens

I watched most of the Phillies intrasquad game last night, it was good to see baseball back on the field, very strange at the same time. We’ve heard that the Phils will be doing some crowd noise and things like that, perhaps that will be coming up on the scrimmage games coming up over the weekend. It was quite boring […]

Simulated crowd noise, cardboard cutouts, this should be interesting

Yesterday, there were articles in the press that the Phillies would indeed be playing walk-up music and having prerecorded crowd noise fill the stadium at times. Here is the link to the article, and here is another to the Philadelphia Inquirer article. This should be an entertaining sideline to what will be going on with the baseball game. In […]

What can Phillies fans expect from a 2020 shortened season

Well, it looks as if we’re going to have baseball, even as the news that Covid-19 has made a dramatic comeback as the nation starts to get back to a sense of normalcy. Finally an agreement has been made, after many weeks of back and forth between owners and players. Embed from Getty Images What can we as fans expect […]

Baseball loses chance to be ‘America’s Sport’

Ok, the votes are in… yes, all three to four weeks of them. So, we’re apparently going to see some baseball being played this year. According to what we’re reading on twitter, and this morning in the newspapers. Here’s our @nydnsports back page. @mlb @mlbnetwork #robmanfred @apse_sportmedia @nascar #BubbaWallace — Back Page Guy NYDN (@BackPageGuyNYDN) June 23, 2020 […]

Father’s Day Special on new Phillies book – 30 % off

Looking for a great gift for Dad this Father’s Day? Order the new Phillies book by Scott Lauber and you’ll get a nice 30 percent off the price with the partnership of the FightinPhillies blog with the publisher of the book, Triumph Books. Just click the link below, give it a little time to connect to the publisher’s site, then […]

New Phillies Talk Podcast talking with Todd Zolecki on his new Roy Halladay book

It’s the end of May, we’ve been watching the baseball negotiations about the possible start of the 2020 season affected by the Pandemic. Will they or won’t they? Listen to the latest Phillies Talk Podcast from to hear the latest! Here’s a new edition of the Phillies Talk Podcast with myself and Matt Veasey talking with’s Todd Zolecki […]

Wall of silence on negotiations for MLB 2020 season start

Baseball fans are a patient bunch, we’ve heard the MLB has put into play a large 68-page PDF on what the league will do to monitor and help prevent any MLB player from getting Covid-19 and what will happen if they did test positive. We also heard on an offer by owners to share the revenue of this season with […]