blogging Phillies baseball and the home of Phillies Talk Podcast by Rich Baxter
blogging Phillies baseball and the home of Phillies Talk Podcast by Rich Baxter

Trying to figure out why the Phillies have stumbled

It’s no secret, this season has been challenging for all MLB players, the original plan of doing exactly what the NHL and the NBA are doing now by having their games in one central location which is easier to keep players safe was first proposed by the MLB, but they changed course and decided on traveling and seeing where that took baseball. Turns out, it wasn’t the best choice, as the NHL and NBA prosper with very little exposure at this point to the Covid-19 virus, baseball chose a path to have great compromising of players, coaches, and managers, and baseball employees and put them smack in the middle of danger.

I’ll be showing my age a little here, but who can remember the great Oriole teams with the Iron Man, Cal Ripken on the Orioles?

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OK, this we now know, where does that fit in with the headline of the story? The Phillies just happened to be playing a team that was highly affected by the virus a few weeks ago with the Marlins and then the Phillies being exposed to danger, which led both teams to have a week or so layoff after just getting back to playing baseball. Is this why the Phillies are stumbling?

Fans all over the country have taken to different methods to try and see their teams play in person, including the ‘air horn guy’ at CBP – who now has a few more friends out there in right center field.

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Baseball in the MLB is a lot of repetition – players get into a groove of travelling, playing, doing things at certain times of the day with regards to game preparation, and with the way the MLB is going about the schedule, this has all be changed to reflect the fluidity needed when teams face the Covid-19 virus.

This in combination that the Phillies bullpen has been very unreliable, things going wrong every night it seems, and players who haven’t ‘woken’ up yet on the baseball playing field. Rhys Hoskins has been ineffective, and Scott “JetPax” Kingery is having a bad year as well, now batting .100 with only 1 RBI. What happened?

We’ve heard a lot of excuses from Joe Girardi so far, but what are the real reasons why the Phillies are now officially in last place in the NL East? Excuses only go so far, then you have to shuffle the deck and come up with a solution. Is Girardi going to do this? He’s acting like it’s still April and the Phillies still have 150 games in front of them, and they don’t.

The Phils wrap up the series with the Orioles this afternoon at 4:05 PM – another odd game time to start during the week. The Phils welcome in the NY Mets on the weekend, the old rivalry is rekindled.

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