blogging Phillies baseball and the home of Phillies Talk Podcast by Rich Baxter
blogging Phillies baseball and the home of Phillies Talk Podcast by Rich Baxter

Watching intrasquad games is a clue of what we’ll see when the season opens

I watched most of the Phillies intrasquad game last night, it was good to see baseball back on the field, very strange at the same time. We’ve heard that the Phils will be doing some crowd noise and things like that, perhaps that will be coming up on the scrimmage games coming up over the weekend. It was quite boring without any extra sounds to hear with the exception of the announcers what sounded as if they were in a sealed booth.

No there is no ‘Frankie Two Scoops’ for the press to enjoy ice cream, there isn’t hardly anything happening in the stadium, though the players do have a place to eat, as Tom McCarthy mentioned last night, it’s in the Diamond Club. So the players are adjusting to very different circumstances, as well as the fans, who are primarily at home for now watching.

Just seeing what we saw last night, the game was broadcasted on social media platforms, the game of baseball had to change big time for the Covid-19 crisis. It’s so eerie and quiet, so much so that it actually speaks volumes. It will be interesting to hear when they pipe in the fan noise, which is the same in every MLB stadium. Some teams like the Tampa Bay Rays are passing on the piped-in fan noise. An MLB team played last night and had some fun with it on the field, while some fans don’t thing there is a place for it.

On this date (7/16/09) Ryan Howard became the fastest MLB player to hit 200 HR’s

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