blogging Phillies baseball and the home of Phillies Talk Podcast by Rich Baxter
blogging Phillies baseball and the home of Phillies Talk Podcast by Rich Baxter

Wall of silence on negotiations for MLB 2020 season start

Baseball fans are a patient bunch, we’ve heard the MLB has put into play a large 68-page PDF on what the league will do to monitor and help prevent any MLB player from getting Covid-19 and what will happen if they did test positive. We also heard on an offer by owners to share the revenue of this season with players on a 50/50 basis.

A lone voice seemingly cried out, Tampa Rays pitcher Blake Snell, right after the offer of a 50/50 split, Snell complained that his pay shouldn’t be cut, and he garnered only a couple supporters publicly. One of them was Bryce Harper, who put his name on the line to go out and publicly support Blake, something that 99.8 percent of other players didn’t do. Snell also complained that he is putting his life on the line for the game with the possibility of contracting the virus that has now killed over 100,000 Americans from just a few short months ago.

Now there has been silence in the past 8 or so days on any progress. That isn’t a good sign. It reminds me of the way politics generally have went in this country before our President Trump has taken to the Twitter airwaves to more or less have a transparent way of dealing directly with the public on issues of national importance. Now there is nothing but silence coming out of both the owners and MLB Players Association of a result of their talks.

The other day on a podcast that myself and my good friend Gary Mack do on baseball called The Baseball Talk Radio Show, we commented yesterday that maybe it’s just as well it’s happening behind closed doors because it is probably a tough negotiation and not meant to be ‘interpreted’ by a baseball public that could blame one side or the other if something doesn’t happen for this season, and baseball ‘the sport’ could be the one to suffer for it by losing fan support.

It would be nice though to hear something, anything, in reference to what is going to happen. In an article on 5/23/2020 – Jeff Passen from ESPN – a reporter that has had the most direct link to what appears to be going on – sent out a story by simply saying ‘the clock is ticking on the 2020 MLB season’. Probably meaning that not even a word of what’s going on behind those closed doors is leaking out, and time is just slipping away to have a somewhat meaningful season.

So, the clock is ticking even on Memorial Day Weekend, as more and more states are trying to get back to normal, what will happen now with this negotiation. What is being said? Why the silence? Should fans just run back to baseball now? Time will tell that is for sure.

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