Latest Phillies Talk Podcast: Nothing but crickets here at Spectrum Field

The MLB closed down the few MLB clubs that had clubhouses open yesterday for players who wanted to stay here in Florida and work out officially with small groups of just themselves at the complexes.

The Phillies have been cleared out of camp now for several days, there is no activity at the Phillies Spring home at Spectrum Field, nor was there any press hanging around for that reason, no one was there.

I stopped at a few other camps yesterday early before the announcement by the MLB to pull the plug at all the practices to the ones who stayed. The Yankees worked out inside their stadium yesterday, they didn’t come out onto the two beautiful satellite fields they have on their wonderful property in Tampa.

Here’s the latest podcast recorded on March 15th 2020 – I was ‘live’ from Spectrum Field, talking with Matt Veasey from and the Phillies Talk Podcast, this podcast was started over 13 years ago by Rich Baxter and remains the longest running independent show talking about the Phils, follow us on the favorite podcast player:

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