MLB shuts down, virus threat is cause

‘We’re in uncharted territory’ – that is a quote from Bryce Harper when asked about having the press banned from the locker rooms across baseball a couple days ago. Well, yesterday, a move was made to stop baseball all together while decisions are being made to evaluate what might happen with the regular season as well because of the Coronavirus.

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In a move that followed suit with other sports leagues, the MLB was the final of the major sports leagues in the US to throw in the towel temporarily while the announcement was made that the Coronavirus had reached the pandemic level. It’s an unprecedented move that was made for precautions of the fans and the players. No information has been released about what will be done about the upcoming season.

Tom Hanks, known for a ton of movies, A League of Their Own, being one, is infected with the Covid-19 virus as well as his wife, so as we all know, disease and viruses don’t discriminate. They are out of the country, and learned they have the virus.

Spring Training brings millions of dollars to the economies of two states that host the events, now all of that is set to a much lower level. Plans had to be altered, changed, and rearranged but with the idea in mind that it actually might be a good thing, I think everyone understands that it’s probably for the best. We all want baseball but not at the price of maybe getting sick. This has virus has changed the world, with travel restrictions and events cancelled worldwide.

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The UK finally cancelled Premier League play after this:

I was listening on the road to Spring Training (a road that had some stops built in as I traveled down to Clearwater) and yesterday on MLB radio in the morning, there was constant talk on why the MLB should in fact cancel the rest of Spring Training, I knew that this was the siren that would be MLB’s decision to call it quits for now, besides that, it was the only major sports league not to do this already, but baseball is a little different, it’s outside and down in the temperate zones that it’s played in, there isn’t a lot of close contact by people. There was no choice for baseball, and hopefully it’s a short stop to America’s pastime. I am still on the way to Spring Training (or what’s left of it) I’ll be bringing back the stories I find to the readers of the blog and listeners of the podcast, so stay tuned! Stay healthy, and stay well. Talk with you soon!

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