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Remembering ‘The Big Piece’ Ryan Howard, now 40 years old

By FRANK CORSOE Ryan Howard is the greatest home-grown Phillies first baseman ever and it’s not even close. And yet there’s a part of me that believes he was grossly underrated while compiling a Rookie of the Year, NL MVP, and NLCS MVP. Embed from Getty Images  He was never a problem on or off the field. He was jovial […]

Report: MLB Players and MLB agree on 2020 season postponed by Covid-19 and Phillies notes

The MLB Players Association and MLB came to terms last night on an agreement going forward in reference to the 2020 season. It says that salaries are to be paid through April and May but if there isn’t a season, owners will not pay players’ salaries and the players will not be able to sue. An agreement was made that […]

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The Opening Day that will never be for March 26

It’s March 26th, in what should have been the happiest occasions for baseball fans across America. Turns out, no baseball will be played today, the unprecedented virus that has swept from China seemingly to the shores of everywhere has stopped not only baseball, but a normal life as we know it. The World has been on quarantine for a while, […]

Players clinging to what they know at Spring Training venues despite Covid-19 fallout

A few weeks ago, it was business as usual for the 30 MLB teams at their Spring Training homes, practices, and games were being held in Florida and Arizona in preparation for the season which was due to start in only 3 days from now. Of course just in the last 14 days, things have changed very drastically in everyone’s […]

Exploring the Grapefruit League homes for a few teams in Florida

Well, the Grapefruit League season was scratched for 2020, this year was the year that I finally decided that I would travel down and check out the Spring Training games from the Phillies. I’ve been down to the stadiums down here a few times on different trips, to Jack Russell Stadium before the new one was built down in Clearwater […]

Paradise Lost, dealing with no Phillies baseball

I drove into town on Saturday afternoon, one of the first signs to greet me was “Wing Training” a clever pun on words from the local Clearwater Hooter’s Restaurant who didn’t seem to have a shortage of customers, even some who dined outside under umbrellas in the 85 degree gorgeous day. Yes, it may have been ‘Wing Training’ but what […]

MLB shuts down, virus threat is cause

‘We’re in uncharted territory’ – that is a quote from Bryce Harper when asked about having the press banned from the locker rooms across baseball a couple days ago. Well, yesterday, a move was made to stop baseball all together while decisions are being made to evaluate what might happen with the regular season as well because of the Coronavirus. […]

Latest Phillies Talk Podcast – Spring is marching toward us!

It’s time for another Phillies Talk Podcast, here’s the show notes: A little bit about a lot of things on the show today. The podcast is now aligned with Matt’s great new home on the web for Phillies commentary and information, – we’re excited to talk about it, and Matt will have a link to the show right on […]