Phils return to field in 2020 Spring Training

The Phillies were back on the field, playing baseball yesterday in Florida. The Phils and the Tigers battled to a 8-8 tie in Lakeland, FL bringing the team back to the field for the first Spring Training game. It was the first of 32 games being played and getting ready for the real 2020 season that is starting up in about a month.

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It was Scott Kingery getting his start at 2nd base, he also led off for the Phillies. Nick Pivetta got the start for the Phils, and he got a chance to test out his new pitch, the changeup. The Phils did fall behind in this game, but scored 6-runs in the 8th to salvage the 8-8 tie.

Today on Sunday it’s the first time the team will be broadcast back to the fans in the Philadelphia area at 1:05 PM, a chance to soak in some of the Florida sunshine to bring baseball back to the area. Aaron Nola will get the start against the Pirates in this split squad game.

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We will also get a look at the new ‘updated’ look of the Philly Phanatic, and the changes could be very significant. The Phillies not wanting to spend millions to relicense the mascot to the original inventors. This despite the Phanatic being one of the most revered mascots in baseball. Not to mention the Phillies make a lot of money off of souvenirs from the Phanatic, but they will not pay the millions requested by the originators. Check out KYW’s audio and text of the story here.

Bryce Harper did not play in this first Spring Training game, but Rhys Hoskins did going 1-3 in the game but 2 SO in the game. If there is anything he needs to do this season is cut down on the strikeouts. What happened to him, he isn’t the budding superstar he was heading to be. I know this was only the first Spring game, but it’s a bit tough to watch.

More on the Phanatic, (if he will even be called that after today) and on the first televised game of 2020 on the blog later.

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