blogging Phillies baseball and the home of Phillies Talk Podcast by Rich Baxter
blogging Phillies baseball and the home of Phillies Talk Podcast by Rich Baxter

Counting down to Spring Training

The calendar is slowly making it’s way to a time when baseball fans start to get giddy with excitement, talking about the crack of a baseball bat or the sound of the baseball striking the leather baseball mitt.

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The time till Spring Training is ticking down, of course we are still far away from Spring weather wise around the Philadelphia area, but now that football is over with the Eagles loss yesterday, it’s just that much closer to the baseball season. Next up in a couple of weeks the talk on the Sports radio will be sprinkled with some Phillies talk. Are they ready to play better under Joe Girardi? Do we have enough pitching with the way it stands right now?

It brings me back to a voice mail that a reader left some time ago, “Hope Spring’s Eternal” was the words, and yes as baseball fans we can’t wait for the yell of ‘play ball’. Speaking of that, what changes will take effect in the game this year, as we are edging nearer to a digital umpire. Balls and strikes on the digital docket for maybe the ’21 season.

Phillies superstars from the 2008 World Series now turning 40, with Chase Utley celebrating the big 4-1, Jimmy Rollins who played with the team for 16 seasons, also hitting 41 years old. Summers come and go, sometimes way too fast. In the case of these players, I remember so vividly when they were just brought up from the minors, and look how fast time has flown.

A new decade is starting, and we’re already 20 years into the 2000’s – it’s amazing to look back at some players and teams and you say to yourself, ‘Damn that was a long time ago.’ That’s what happens though in baseball, every year there is a new crop of players, some of which turn into superstars. It keeps you younger just reading about them, and watching them on tv or going to the stadium to watch them play.

The FightinPhillies blog turns another year old, I’ve almost packed it in a couple times with the blog and podcast, but I still have a passion to follow the team and write about them and interview people about them. And all of it starts up again soon, yes, the clock is ticking just a bit closer to Spring.

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