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JT Realmuto is ranked as 2nd best catcher in MLB

J.T. REALMUTO RANKED 2ND ON MLB NETWORK’S COUNTDOWNTOP 10 CATCHERS RIGHT NOW! Chase Utley Featured on Top 10 Second Basemen of the Live Ball Era January 25, 2020 – Philadelphia Phillies catcher J.T. Realmuto was ranked second on MLB Network’s annual Top 10 Catchers Right Now! program earlier tonight. Realmuto, who also ranked second on last year’s countdown, finished one spot ahead of the Chicago Cubs’ Willson Contreras and […]

Harper just the 6th best right fielder according to MLB Network

Well so much for the guy who signed for megabucks just over a year ago, Bryce Harper has been named the 6th best right fielder in baseball according to a ranking by MLB Network. Here’s the text of what they have to say: BRYCE HARPER RANKED 6TH ON MLB NETWORK’S COUNTDOWN TOP 10 RIGHT FIELDERS RIGHT NOW! January 18, 2020 – Philadelphia […]

Astros Scandal – HOF vote results due – latest Phillies Talk Podcast

It’s the latest Phillies Talk Podcast: It’s a cozy time inside as the podcast area gets ready for a possible coating of snow in the tri-state area. We get down to some serious Phillies Talk on the show leading off with the Astros sign stealing scandal, Rich Baxter is joined by Matt Veasey, who breaks down the scandal on a […]

Unprecedented penalties reverberate around baseball in Astros ruling

This is an interesting time in baseball, a team that wins the World Series is called out publicly by the MLB for using technology to ‘cheat’ in stealing signs to alert players on the next pitch by teams. In what was the ‘least kept secret’ in baseball, the Houston Astros somehow carried on a stupid plan of zeroing in on […]

Didi and the Phillies what can we expect for 2020?

Didi Gregorius will be playing for the Phillies this upcoming season, his real name is Mariekson Julius Gregorius and he was born in Amsterdam, Netherlands on February 20, 1990. Didi would rather be playing for the Yankees of course, but due to many circumstances including the signing of Gerrit Cole and his over the top $324M contract, by the way […]

The case for Odubel Herrera to play for the Phillies in ’20

Quick, what does Aroldis Chapman, Yasiel Puig, and Jose Reyes all have in common? They are good ballplayers, and of course now, Reyes is retired. They all have something else in common, they’ve been on the MLB’s banned players list for violating the 2015 MLB policy on domestic incidents. Before 2015, there was no such blanket policy under which the […]

Counting down to Spring Training

The calendar is slowly making it’s way to a time when baseball fans start to get giddy with excitement, talking about the crack of a baseball bat or the sound of the baseball striking the leather baseball mitt. Embed from Getty Images The time till Spring Training is ticking down, of course we are still far away from Spring weather […]