blogging Phillies baseball and the home of Phillies Talk Podcast by Rich Baxter
blogging Phillies baseball and the home of Phillies Talk Podcast by Rich Baxter

Sean Rodriguez earns his spot in Phillies fans Boo History

Chase Utley cut to the chase on this candid comment when fans booed him in NY at the All-Star Game

There’s been a long love that most fans that go to Phillies games have with this team. People look forward to showing up at the ballpark, enjoying all the sounds and smells that really makes attending an MLB game a real treat.

There are a few that feel the need to get their voices heard via a booing yell, and that’s a small minority of fans but they make themselves vocal enough to be heard. Why do they boo? They are showing displeasure in  the way a player has played or worse, even mentioning the fans in a bad light will be getting you booed.

Sean Rodriguez tried to explain, “If you think I’m not playing well, please support me… ” but went further and said words to the effect that penetrated the fans thin skin in calling the fans,  “entitled”. But what did he really mean? Fans are entitled to boo if they feel like they should? I’m not sure exactly what he meant, he then went on to further back pedal into the corner of Philly fans ‘boo’dukon. Just don’t go there, if a reporter asks you about booing, you might as well just change the subject. Yes, Phillies fans have wondered how this utility player has stayed on the team, just playing very sparingly and not hitting the cover off the ball by any stretch when he does.

Maybe you could be a player that just goes right at the fandom that taunts, like Jonathan Papelbon did a few years ago? Take the offense on them? Or Chase Utley, with his comment to the fans in NY made on National TV?

Our own Bryce Harper fell victim of the boo early on, in game 2 in a Phillies uniform, but watch and listen to the video here made from the stands, it’s a big loud obnoxious fan that gets this started then his sycophants join in to make it seem like more that it is:

Ryan Howard made it a point to say to the fans in his retirement, not to boo the players on the field, he sounded hurt by it still, a testament to what it means to go out there and give your all, but only to have it sound like the fans don’t support you, which they do, it’s just the few well throated people that happen to be in the stands that particular night or day…

Here’s Howard’s recent speech:

Here’s what the ugliness sounded like at CBP last night… as the boos rained down.. (Remember Rodriguez did have the winning hit the night before)

Sean Rodriguez went through what a lot of longtime Phillies players have went through at one point or another in thier careers. Hearing it from the fans. Maybe it’s a token of appreciation, as they usually love the ones they boo as well. I don’t think the Philly fans go out of their way to boo the opponents who play here with as much regularity as they boo their own players, which is a shame. 

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