blogging Phillies baseball and the home of Phillies Talk Podcast by Rich Baxter
blogging Phillies baseball and the home of Phillies Talk Podcast by Rich Baxter

It’s a reoccuring theme: How do you fix the Phillies

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It’s been that kind of season for Vince Velasquez, but the Phils keep faith in this pitcher

Much has been written and said in the last couple weeks with the Phillies and their problems:

1. Lack of offense
2. Lack of winning
3. Inconsistant pitching
4. Lack of hustle sometimes

What can be done about it? I keep saying that it may point back up at the manager. This is the way baseball works, yes, we know it’s the players on the field that are doing it, but over the manys years that the MLB has been in existence, a manager is usually held responsible for all of it.

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Kapler is a master of talking and making everything sound like it’s ok, that’s how he got this job in the first place with no experience

Is this another story about ‘get rid of Gabe Kapler’. No, but what more can you say about this team that seems to be lacking something. I am glad you asked. Things like sending Maikel Franco down to the minors while you keep players on the roster that aren’t as good is just plain stupid. If anything, keep the hottest batter for the bench and say goodbye to someone who isn’t that good, a case can be made for this.

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I like Jeff’s nickname, ‘Shark’ better than spelling his last name

Seeing more pitches. Last game, the pitcher for the Giants, Jeff Samardzija (a name I’m glad I don’t have to type often) had only 54 pitches in the middle of the game. He should have had much more, but do to the Phillies just going up there and not taking a few pitches, his count was really low.
The Phils management specifically the team president said that he’s just fine at the trade deadline because near the deadline, the team ‘would at best be in a one game playoff for the Wild Card’ and it’s ‘not like this team is going to the World Series’. That tells the players something, it’s ok to fall off the wagon, we’re not in it to win it. It’s one of the most stupid things I’ve ever heard come out of a Phillies president’s mouth.

It seems like the Phillies still don’t have a clubhouse leader, someone that is like the ‘captain’ of a hockey team. He settles things among the players, and players look to him for some guidance, though unofficial, the Phillies need that ‘captain’ which they don’t seem to have.

The final game in San Francisco for this series is this afternoon(4:10 PM Pacific), and the game is on a national stage, ESPN Sunday Night Baseball. Who would have known that the Mets, Phillies, and Nationals would all be around the same record right now. Those teams have had the same problems as the Phillies. We’re still in this race, we’re still relevant and we can still turn the ship around. Does this team look like it needs changes? At this time, the answer is yes, but management won’t be firing Phillies manager, Gabe Kapler, anytime too soon, they have come out and said that. So it’s still his ship to right, if he can help get it righted. A few nicely placed wins in a row is what the Phillies need most right now. Wake up and smell the coffee, whatever clever metaphors you can come up with.

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