blogging Phillies baseball and the home of Phillies Talk Podcast by Rich Baxter
blogging Phillies baseball and the home of Phillies Talk Podcast by Rich Baxter

Phils go West as questions pile up with team

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Is Bryce Harper the leader of this ballclub? I don’t think he or anyone else is

The Phillies have hit the road again, stopping in Arizona for a series of games with the Diamondbacks, and then stopping in San Francisco (the Gmen just finished up 4-5 on their road trip) with a trip to Oracle Park (formally AT&T Park) the new name for the same stadium will be in existence for 20 years after an agreement was reached with Oracle for the naming rights.

It’s good that this Phillies team has hit the road, all of the things that happened at home during the past week or so have swirled around with a bunch of opinions formed from the actions of the team in the last several games. Fans have been stressed with what they’ve seen, the nerves are frazzled with certain moves that have been made, lately Maikel Franco’s exit in favor of other players still being on this team is unexplainable.

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Alumni weekend is always a good watch at the stadium, it lets you know more than anything is how fast time is flying by

Yes, we had Alumni Weekend this past weekend at the stadium, a time to reflect and look back at what happened 10 years ago. In contrast, we had a series with the White Sox, that on paper looked like it would be an easy series for the Phillies to win. It wasn’t. Isn’t that what we’ve seen from this team so much this year? You would think it should be easier for them with all of the talent, but all at once, it seems the talent can’t get the job done on the field.

The theme over the past several games have been bases loaded, then the Phillies would be out, not getting much in return for it. Not once or twice but many times. Key players not being able to advance runners, and even the not so key players doing the same thing. How does a guy like Sean Rodriguez stay on this team, while the Phillies wave goodbye to Maikel Franco as they send him down. I’ll take Franco over Rodriguez and Miller combined let alone for each one.

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Has Gabe defended poor play of this team too much, yes a team is supposed to go out there and play hard, it’s also supposed to be somewhat clutch

Gabe Kapler looked like he finally lost it, spouting off curses after the 15-inning game like he was at a bar somewhere talking with a bartender. Explaining how proud he was of his players, as they couldn’t get the job done on the field. It’s almost like a dad who is proud of his son always, regardless of things he has done or in the case of the Phillies offense hasn’t done on the field.

Are the Phillies a playoff team? If you look at the team we saw in the last couple games, absolutely not. They are so Jekyll and Hyde with every game, you don’t know what you’re going to get. I am again thinking there isn’t a leader of this team. Harper seems surrounded by himself, and anyone else on the team is just going through all the motions. There is no definitive leader on this team.

The first stop is Arizona on this road trip, of all the teams in the MLB, for some reason this is one that I am not a fan of at all. Maybe it’s the desert location, the stadium that is always indoors for the most part, or something else but I’m not a fan of this club. The Dbacks are a .500 team this year, a full 17 GB from the LA Dodgers. Since 2005, the Dbacks have only been to the playoffs 3 times.

The Phillies are following the same road trip the Nationals are on right now, the Nats played Arizona and then moved on to San Francisco. The Dbacks beat the Nats 2 out of 3 games. One of the scores was 18-7 with the Diamondbacks win. How will the Phillies fare in the desert? The Dbacks also have a 4-3 series record over the Atlanta Braves this year.

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