blogging Phillies baseball and the home of Phillies Talk Podcast by Rich Baxter
blogging Phillies baseball and the home of Phillies Talk Podcast by Rich Baxter

Phils answer with win in Miami – now it’s on to the Braves

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Maybe not making the All-Star team has motivated Harper who had a good day yesterday for the Phils

The Phillies returned to the win column yesterday in Miami, in a game which was very important for them to win, it’s July 1st now and just about every game going forward is now very important (not that the April – May – June games aren’t) to win. The Phillies offense which on Saturday did very well  (but the bullpen managed to lose that one) seemed to wake up put up a baker’s dozen runs up on the board against the Marlins on Sunday.

I sent a tweet out yesterday on Twitter (which you can follow my account there @fightinphillies) that said the two most important offense producers on this team have had a really bad June. Rhys Hoskins prior to yesterday, had a .174 BA in 24 AB in which he hit 3 HR in the prior 7 days. In the prior 30 days, (excluding yesterday) Bryce Harper had a .224 BA with 98 AB with 4 2B and 4 HR. In yesterday’s game, Harper hit 3-4 on the day with 4 RBI. These are numbers we need more from him.

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Phillies All-Star for 2019 – JT Realmuto

The only Phillies player going to the All-Star game is JT Realmuto, the Phillies catcher that we got from the Marlins. He didn’t win the vote totals, he was appointed as the Phillies representation on the All-Star list nominated the team does get at least one representative. Interesting that Bryce Harper and Manny Machado didn’t make it to the All-Star team in 2019 – maybe that could have been a contract clause put in by each respective team?

The Phillies move on to face the now NL leading Atlanta Braves, the Braves have gone 6-4 in the last 10 games. The Braves have a 26-18 road record, which is where the Phillies could improve greatly, they are 17-23 on the road – which they will be in Atlanta for this series. Both the Phillies and the Braves though have struggled against .500 or below teams: Braves 25-24 and the Phillies 26-27.

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The Phils go with TBD against Dallas Keuchel as of this morning

The Phillies on Tuesday will be facing Dallas Keuchel – yes, the Braves went out and got a quality starter. Maybe better than quality, the Braves made a statement when they went out and got him. He’s 1-1 with a 5.06 ERA so far. Phillies starter will be TBD for this series. When have we seen this from the Phillies, the whole series is a mystery, listed as TBD.

I guess that’s the way we’ll look at the rest of the Phillies season, TBD. Will they play good, or will they continue to struggle? We’ll find out on Tuesday as the season chugs on to the All-Star break that happens just after the game the Phillies play on Sunday vs the Mets in New York, which is the Phillies next stop after Atlanta.

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