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blogging Phillies baseball and the home of Phillies Talk Podcast by Rich Baxter

Odubel Herrera’s Memorial Day plans didn’t include that

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Odubel looked to be getting his swing back, after a long spell of the kind of player we weren’t accustomed to seeing, has he played his last game as a Phillies player?

What a shame, Odubel Herrera went from a guy who was our somewhat quality center fielder to suspended and awaiting further instructions from the league as they investigate charges of domestic abuse against his girlfriend that happened in Atlantic City on a nice Memorial Day off for the team.

The trouble happened in the Golden Nugget in Atlantic City’s Marina section. Apparently, Odubel’s girlfriend, so far unnamed, ended up with marks on her arm and neck. She is reported to be 20 years old, and Odubel is 27 – you wonder what could have sparked such an incident. It usually involves too much to drink, although this is just speculation.

Immediately the wheels set in motion regarding Odubel and baseball, the team announcing he was being taken off active voting for the All-Star team, and other sanctions as well. He is still accused at this point isn’t he? A rush to get all the legally bound things that a ballclub has to do ensues nonetheless, perhaps you are presumed to be guilty instead of the normal presumption of innocence?

We don’t know why it happened, what happened or anything else. There was an apology from Odubel but that doesn’t cut it in the baseball world. We’ve been through this before, with Brett Myers and his wife many years ago in Boston. Yes, it involved drinking and partying then too. Charges were dropped life went on, and Myers didn’t seem to be all that affected by it all.

This video portrays some pretty significant violence on the part of females, who knows what happened in the Odubel case, we’ll see as the case unfolds

It may have been strange for Myers to go through this, but now it’s a stigma that will be attached to Odubel for his remaining days as he goes through it. Maybe it was very minor, we don’t know but he will be called “The baseball player that was accused of domestic battery” and that will be attached to him, and later if this all goes to court which it may or may not, he might be addressed as someone that was convicted of domestic battery. What is the whole story? Was the girlfriend abusive to him? We’ve seen the Youtube videos of females mixing it up, they can inflict some real damage of their own. Perhaps she didn’t want to leave the Nugget but Odubel said it was time that they go? Who knows, the guy is a multi-millionaire ballplayer, perhaps he should have been smarter than this.

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