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blogging Phillies baseball and the home of Phillies Talk Podcast by Rich Baxter

Phillies: Pete Rose, shrouded in yet another controversy must stay off ‘The Wall’ for now

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Pete Rose shown here with his wife in Cincinnati still has plenty of support, he’ll be vindicated is what a lot of long time fans believe, but he isn’t the one on trial even

Well, talk about a storm that brewed up and blew across the country in record time, fanning flames of different opinions about the latest controversy that has managed to circle around the hitter that has the most hits in baseball history, and one of the best players to ever play the game.

Pete Rose, who is apparently defending himself from these accusations from a person that seemed to have been after him for years, now faces another storm of public opinion fanned by the flames of a rampant social media platform in the USA that apparently presumes that you are indeed guilty until proven innocent.

Here’s the facts as reported that surfaced in the past couple days:


The Philadelphia Phillies announced Wednesday that they’ve canceled a ceremony to honor Hit King and former Cincinnati Reds great Pete Rose and induct him into the Phillies Wall of Fame on Aug. 12. The team also won’t distribute a bobblehead figurine of Rose as it had planned as part of a giveaway at Citizens Bank Park on Aug. 11 in light of testimony accusing Rose of statutory rape, included as part of an ongoing defamation lawsuit Rose filed last year against John Dowd. 

Meaning, that Pete Rose is suing a person for defamation of character. This person happens to be a lawyer and a person who is adept at using some really nasty dirty tricks to attempt to fend off Rose’s lawyers from this case. All of a sudden, after all these years, there apparently someone in the wings that is saying that Pete Rose illegally had sex with a minor back in the 1970’s. 
No, this wasn’t an investigation, it’s part of another matter of litigation. The accusation isn’t new either, for all the people out there that have been hearing about this for the first time. It’s understandably not pleasant to think about. 
Did Pete Rose have an affair while he was married back in the 1970’s and have sex with a willing person who was 16 years of age? Apparently, the Hit King is saying yes, he did have an affair and the person was 16 years old, which according to Ohio law, wasn’t a crime at the time. Yes, he’s admitted to this according to documents filed in court on Monday.
John Dowd, the lawyer that Pete Rose is suing for defamation has asserted for years that Pete Rose use to run around and have a fascination with young women who were underage, had sex with them, and made it seem in radio interviews and elsewhere that Rose in fact did this regularly. He didn’t have any proof apparently, but now somehow on que, this ‘proof’ has surfaced just in time for this lawsuit. Talk about odd timing for this to surface.
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Pete Rose shown next to an awesome statue of him with that famous head first slide, many fans didn’t get see him play so they don’t really know what they missed 

The news spread like wildfire on social media, the usual loose cannon sports writers, sent their cannons into full fire mode on Rose, condemning him as the worst person on earth behind this very ‘loose’ information on the court document that purports to have a witness, conveniently named, “Jane Doe” on the court document. This is legal speak that essentially means that this person may or may not exist. You put in a bunch of “Jane Does” and “John Does” in a lawsuit in hopes that something will materialize out of it. 

Poor unsuspecting fans that don’t really know what is happening, really let loose too. Understandably, not many people are in favor of sexual deviants that find it joyful to take advantage of minors in a quest to have sex with them. It’s morally and legally wrong and just plain bad. 
Is Pete Rose a sexual deviant? He acknowledged an affair, and he was married at the time, if someone had an affair with an 18-year old in today’s world, it’s classified as an affair which is what the situation was with Rose back in the mid-1970’s with a person who was then able to decide for themselves that this was ok. The only difference is now the person that Pete Rose is suing for defamation is now alleging again what he’s been accusing him of for years. 
It’s amazing that people will bash and come to various conclusions in high profile writing jobs that would even take a side in this issue. That just shows you what kind of people they are. I am not going to even bother to name the names, you’ve read the articles already. These writers and commentators have already declared the Hit King guilty. Imagine that, they are now the judge, jury and use their silly foil of readers to buffet their claims. Only in America in 2017 can this be something that is happening. It’s not just with this issue, it’s with many issues of today. 
Please don’t jump to conclusions. The Phillies fans have voted, they voted the Hit King onto the Phillies Wall of Fame. Big deal, a wall in a stadium to honor a guy that we’ve already known is one of the greatest players to ever play the game. He happened to put a few good years of his career on the Phillies team. No, he won’t be on The Wall on August 12th due to the flame of social media pressures but think about the implications of this. A man accusing someone else of defaming him in court and now he’s defaming him again in the same court (not surprisingly). It’s surreal, hopefully one day we’ll see him honored up on The Wall, Rose is getting another round of battering from an unsubstantiated source at this time. It’s something that a lawyer in a defamation case probably loved to do, the unsuspecting people take the bait and run with it. The Phillies organization in in the middle of it all, tried to give the fans what they voted on. The Hit King at Citizens Bank Park being honored by their own.

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