blogging Phillies baseball and the home of Phillies Talk Podcast by Rich Baxter
blogging Phillies baseball and the home of Phillies Talk Podcast by Rich Baxter

Phils wrap up in AZ today and head to Seattle for a quick 2 games

Herrera and Franco have seen their stars falling this season, but Herrera has gotten a good contract out of the Phils no matter what happens

The road trip that covers over 5,400 miles is going to be half over after today’s afternoon match up in the Arizona desert. The Phils play the Diamondbacks in the 4th game of this series, and as usual desperately need a win for their own respectability if nothing else this season.

This team lost again in extra innings late yesterday afternoon in Arizona, it just seems like everything is against this team this year. Since June 12th, the Phillies have been in extra innings in 6 games, they have lost all 6 games.

The Phils go on to Seattle, but not for long, it’s a quick 2 game series and then it’s off to New York to face the Mets. The team has a nice homestand before the All-Star break. Wow, the season is just rolling along despite the Phillies not doing well at all this year.

This plan that Phillies GM, Matt Klentak has been working on needs a lot of work. The fact is this plan has imploded this year on him, everyone he has tried to retain (Herrera and Mackanin) has a lot of egg on their face ever since these announcements of extended contracts for them were made. Herrera seems to do whatever he wants to and get away with it, and Mackanin doesn’t seem like he’s doing much with this team, in his defense he’s not out there on the field, the players are the ones losing.

Can Phillies management allow this team to continue down this same path as they did last year? It seems that they are. We’ve heard quick soundbites from Klentak citing arcane sabermetrics stats, saying that ‘it’s still a small sample” in reference to the overall progress of this team and generally trying to baffle people with bs, but it’s starting to get old. The fans can smell a rat and I think this stench is starting to get worse.

We should see a more vocal fan base in the next homestand. The boo birds will start to get louder with what we’ve been seeing. This was a baseball town that isn’t used to seeing the Phils turn into the Bad News Bears (which they’ve been for some time now) and we deserve better.

The baseball press has been starting to ramp up some sentiment with wanting more answers to why this team is doing so poorly. Management is starting to dance around the topic more, like they have been rehearsing everything that they are saying about this team.

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