blogging Phillies baseball and the home of Phillies Talk Podcast by Rich Baxter
blogging Phillies baseball and the home of Phillies Talk Podcast by Rich Baxter

Mackanin has got to be fired from this Phillies team

Matt Klentak looks troubled in this interview, and he should be, Mackanin must go, even though Klentak just extended him, it must be done

It’s got to be done. I know that the Phillies just announced that they extended Pete Mackanin for another year with an option for 2019, but he’s got to be fired (and all of his coaches except for Stairs) for the way he is handling this Phillies baseball team. With the 8-2 loss last night the Phillies are now in last place in the NL East, and the second worse team (just by a few percentage points) in the whole National League.

We’ve seen this a lot this season and yet again, it happens. The Phillies are facing a hot batter in Charlie Blackmon and he’s left to do damage to this Phillies team. There is never a thought to walk a hot batter against a team that he just happens to be on fire against and Mackanin is the guy to make that decision and he’s just never doing it. He’s got to go.

Blackmon is in the middle of having an awesome night at the Phillies expense. He’s already smashed two long home runs and what does Mackanin do? Leaves Zach Eflin in to pitch and even become more humiliated. It’s not his night, he has to come out of the game Pete. I don’t remember a time that this Phillies team has been more horribly managed than it is right now.

Matt Klentak keeps saying that he has faith in Pete and his coaches, but the handwriting is on the wall, this team is playing so poorly, it’s plain to see that Pete has tried here, but he has not been successful and someone new needs to jump into this burning Phillies rowboat and save it from sinking to the bottom of the ocean.

Tom McCarthy from the TV booth was saying that there should be someone up in the bullpen when this game was starting to get out of hand, and nothing was happening. It’s sort of telling you something. A guy that’s been watching baseball hundreds or thousands of times, and he’s use to what should be happening at certain times. That plainly simple stuff that a manager is supposed to be doing isn’t even happening with the Phillies,

The depths that this Phillies team have sunk to is shocking, statements from management about it has been shocking, the fans know this now. There is no more hiding from the obvious, there is nothing left in the way Mackanin can spark this ballclub, because it’s over. We’ll see what Klentak does, or doesn’t do but the answer is plain to see.

On Game 2 of the Rockies series:

RISP: 0-7

Eflin: 6 IP – 10 H – 8 R

Galvis:  0-5

Kelly: 0-4

Attendance: 17,109

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