blogging Phillies baseball and the home of Phillies Talk Podcast by Rich Baxter
blogging Phillies baseball and the home of Phillies Talk Podcast by Rich Baxter

Phillies sweep Braves at home, go back to back to back

Cesar starts off the rare ‘back to back to back HR’ binge that put the Phillies ahead today

The Phillies completed a nice 3-game sweep on the strength of 3 home runs back to back to back in the 8th inning. It was only 8th time in Phillies history that the team has hit the back to back to back HR combo. That is a real rarity.

The bullpen made it interesting again, with Hector Neris getting the closing duties this time. He loaded the bases in the top of the 9th and was in a heap of trouble, but he earned the Phillies sweep and put the Phillies into 3rd place in the NL East with the fourth win in a row, taking them to 9-9 on the year.

The Braves meanwhile have been reeling, they have been swept twice in the last two series they have played. This coming after they swept the Padres in 4 straight games to open Sun Trust Park in Atlanta.

Off day tomorrow for the Phils, then the Phils welcome in the Marlins for a 3-game series which ends on Thursday afternoon, then the Phils fly out to LA for a weekend series against the Dodgers.

Here’s the list of Phillies 3 consecutive home runs aka ‘back to back to back home runs’ in their history and a link to the box scores of each game: (thanks to

9/30/1977 vs. Montreal – 2nd inning (Luzinski – Hebner – Maddox)
8/17/1985 at Chicago Cubs – 7th inning (Samuel – Wilson – Schmidt)
7/26/1987 vs. Atlanta – 8th inning (Thompson – Hayes – Schmidt)
4/28/1999 vs. Cincinnati – 1st inning (Rolen – Brogna – Gant)
5/4/2004 vs. St. Louis – 5th inning (Abreu – Thome – Burrell)
5/18/2004 vs Los Angeles – 4th inning (Abreu – Burrell – Thome)
6/13/2008 at St Louis – 1st inning (Utley – Howard – Burrell)
4/23/2017 vs. Atlanta – 8th inning (Hernandez – Altherr – Herrera)

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