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Why the Phillies should be looking to add Mike Trout to the team

Embed from Getty Images Trout in a Phillies uniform would sell at least 10K extra tickets to each game This question is one that many people have been asking, Will the Phillies be adding any free agents to the roster anytime soon? How about going after the best player in baseball, Mike Trout? Trout was in Philadelphia for the Eagles […]

2016 season comes to a close, Howard closes book on Phillies career

Embed from Getty Images Ryan waves and acknowledges the fans, after they send him on his way to end his Phillies career What a day for a Phillies fan. It’s a day that ended the season and what a long season it’s been with the Phillies playing the way they have been playing all season. It all ended with a […]

If Sandberg was still managing Phils, there would be calls to run him out of town

Embed from Getty Images Jake Thompson raises his hands in the air, yesterday as the Phils lost 17-0 Somewhere Ryne Sandberg is sitting back and reading these Phillies headlines and quietly shaking his head. The Phils haven’t really improved all that much, despite a slightly higher win total this season, and suddenly my thoughts have changed to why we are […]

New Phillies Talk Podcast: 2016 Phillies Down to last 10 games, 7 with the Mets

It’s time for another edition of Phillies Talk Podcast, we’re talking about the end of the season already? Wow, that was another fast baseball season. The Phils are down to their last 10 games and 7 out of those 10 games are against the Mets. I am on my good friend’s podcast called Mets Musings, the great Gary Mack. Gary […]

Phils broadcast on TV without McCarthy is more upbeat

Last year and seasons before that, Tom McCarthy took a pause in his season as the main play-by-play Phillies TV announcer to go and do his football games that he does for both college and professional football announcing. That left the Comcast Sports Network in Philadelphia to find a replacement for him and they tapped Gregg Murphy, who has been […]

Phils excel with September call-ups, but is this our team of the future?

Embed from Getty Images Joseph, Quinn, Alfaro… is this the future of the Phillies? We’ve been rebuilding for so long, it’s hard to tell? The Phillies have looked a little rejuvenated with the September call-ups as many thought they would. The 25-man roster was tired and just not getting the job done on a daily basis as the season went […]

Battle for worst offense shapes up this weekend in Philly

Embed from Getty Images Nick Markakis won’t have to worry about playoff baseball this year, his Braves are in last place but who is worst in the league in runs? Well, the Eagles wrapped up their preseason schedule last night just across the street from where the Phillies will take on the Atlanta Braves in a weekend series starting tonight. […]

Latest Phillies Talk Podcast: Bring on September!

It’s a brand new edition of Phillies Talk Podcast, the longest running independent show that talks about the Philadelphia Phillies baseball team. It’s the end of August, the Phils looked as if they may make things interesting for the stretch run a few weeks ago, but in the last could weeks that story has changed. They can’t seem to sustain […]

Phillies need to clear the benches

This post is long overdue, but it’s one that was talked about here on the blog toward the end of last season. The Phillies had turned in a miserable season last year, and it wasn’t too far away from the season that they turned in before that. I know all the talk has been about rebuilding and having patience […]