blogging Phillies baseball and the home of Phillies Talk Podcast by Rich Baxter
blogging Phillies baseball and the home of Phillies Talk Podcast by Rich Baxter

Phillies earn win up in Toronto

Josh Donaldson’s bat was silenced last night in the Phillies win in Toronto by a 7-0 score.

The Blue Jays had been a team that was a scoring machine in the past couple of games. In fact, they won their last two games and scored 10-runs or more in each of the last two games prior to the first game in the series against the Phillies at Rogers Centre last night. Those high scoring wins for the Blue Jays also were against the AL East leading Baltimore.

You kind of had to think that the Phillies may not do too well against a team like that.

The Phils continue to surprise as they held a slim 2-0 lead late into the 7th inning and then the Blue Jays took starter R. A. Dickey out of the game and it was time for the Phillies to start scoring some runs. The Phils pitcher, Jared Eickhoff, pitched a great game giving up zero runs and handed the game over to the bullpen who held up the bargain and didn’t surrender any runs either.

Ryan Howard contributed a home run in the game, and you can really see that this is where his strength will be as a player going forward. An American League team would really benefit by having a bat with the caliber of Howard at it’s disposal. Ryan’s batting average though is another matter, he isn’t helping his cause of going to any other team in the league with that .153 BA is probably keeping interest away from him.

Odubel Herrera raised his BA to .314 on the season last night going 2-5 with a solo HR and two other RBI, and with 2 SO on the night. Freddy Galvis and Tommy Joseph both went 0-8 combined with 2 strikeouts each on the night.

The Phils now are 30-34 on the season, they need to just keep winning to try to get back to .500 on the season and perhaps better if they can. They still need a piece or two in this rebuild. I would like to see this team get a solid fielder who can hit, and see what happens with this team. They just need a spark to this offense which often ends up sputtering most of the time.

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