blogging Phillies baseball and the home of Phillies Talk Podcast by Rich Baxter
blogging Phillies baseball and the home of Phillies Talk Podcast by Rich Baxter

Losses now start piling up for Phils

The Phillies touting the success of their pitching, has the 29th worst offense in all of 30 teams in baseball, is it time for a change?

You kind of wish it were April again or the middle of May the way the Phillies were playing , but no, it’s June 1st and the Phillies have met one of their worse slides of the year. Since May 20th, the team has won only 2 games, and have lost 9 games including last night against the Nats.

Once a contender for second place in the NL East, the Phils have now slipped into 4th place with a .500 record and are 5.5 games of the pace of the Nationals.

What’s happening now that wasn’t happening before for this team? The offense has slipped into a sleep state, they can’t seem to get runs together, to score runners in scoring position and that’s spelling trouble for this team that was playing pretty well for a while.

Then there is the Pythagorean theory, that is the number of wins and losses the Phillies should have had according to the runs that they were scoring and teams were scoring against them, that number was much different than the Phillies actual record when it was going good for them. In fact due to the large difference in the runs scored by the Phils of 164 and runs allowed at 212, the theory has the Phillies at a 20-32 record presently. So the team is still performing at a better rate than that despite the runs difference.

There is a need for a guy who can get this team going, an offense producer, someone to give this team a spark. The spark hasn’t been coming from within this team, and perhaps offering up a starting pitcher to get someone to hit the ball might be what the Phillies need. There is little indication that the Phils are even shopping for someone like that.

Ryan Howard has plunged to new depths, now batting an alarming .154 on the year, with only 22 hits on 143 AB’s. His lack of presence at the plate has been really contributing to the lack of the Phillies production.

Alarming as well is that the Phillies are 29th of 30 teams in BA, Runs, and Slugging percentage.

Nothing is happening on that front, at least visible to fans and writers, a change of batting coaches has long been needed for this team. That would be a minimum, but at least a signal that something is going to change this club around.

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