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Odubel’s signing must have surprised even him

Embed from Getty Images Obudel Herrera is now a multi-millionaire Phillies baseball player The Phillies signed Odubel Herrera to a five year deal, was the headlines this past week as the Phils locked up the speedy center fielder who himself may have been surprised at the move. The signing came at a time when the Phillies really didn’t have to […]

Pat ‘The Bat’ Burrell and Stairs on 2017’s Hall of Fame eligible vote list

Embed from Getty Images Pat Burrell is one of the most popular Phillies in the history of the team, his swing was legendary Wow, it’s been 5 years since Pat Burrell retired, and this year ‘The Bat’ is on the 2017 Hall of Fame voting list. Matt Stairs also is on the list to be voted on by the BBWAA. […]

2016 December Holidays Phillies Talk

Phillies Talk Podcast sponsored by  It’s about 114 Days until Opening Day, the Hot Stove Winter Meetings are over, the Phils didn’t do much on adding any big named players. That wasn’t something that was expected anyway, so we’re not that disappointed. What will 2017 bring to the Phillies, on this show there is talk of this young group […]

Hot Stove yields little additions to Phillies team

photo: ben britten on flickr Well, another Hot Stove season for baseball, and another season that is just plain boring for the Phillies fan. Just a few short years ago, we were treated to some great news of players joining the team but lately, that news hasn’t been there. The Phillies have made a few moves this off-season, but nothing […]

Baseball labor peace for 5 years as players feared International Draft

Embed from Getty Images Owners and players agreed last night in labor peace, good for them, the fans were watching and waiting Interesting times for baseball labor negotiations, as last night sealed the deal for labor peace in the US MLB for 5 years. Many stumbling points of the contract had people thinking that this might not go as smoothly […]

New Phillies Talk Podcast edition: Cyber Monday Phillies Musings

It’s time for another edition of Phillies Talk Podcast, talking about the latest news surrounding the Phillies baseball team on the longest running independent show that talks Phils baseball.  Join Rich Baxter on this edition as the subjects are: Cyber Monday deals for Phillies gear Hot Stove Phillies Talk Phillies Home Run records in each month as a team and […]

Speculation of Trout signing somewhere else circulates like turkey during hot stove Thanksgiving season

Embed from Getty Images Mike Trout enjoying an Eagles game in Philadelphia. Could this be the start of a long affair with the city of Philadelphia and the Phillies? There was talk yesterday on MLB Network and it mentioned the marketability of Mike Trout. There were pros and cons talked about the path that Mike Trout may want to take […]

Phillies not spending on salaries like they did a few years ago

Embed from Getty Images The New York Yankees have made some bold moves over the offseason so far. They’ve catapulted themselves back up the spending ladder (estimated at $173M for ’17), but still are below the free wheeling Boston Red Sox who almost have a $191M payroll for the 2017 season. The Phillies have jettisoned salary but really haven’t gone […]

Awards season is upon us, to be announced on MLB Network!

2016 BBWAA AWARDS FINALISTS ANNOUNCED Winners Will Be Announced November 14 – 17 Exclusively on MLB Network November 7, 2016 – The Baseball Writers’ Association of America (BBWAA) today announced the top three finalists in the American League and National League for the 2016 BBWAA Awards. Following is the complete list of finalists, along with the dates for each upcoming award announcement on MLB […]