blogging Phillies baseball and the home of Phillies Talk Podcast by Rich Baxter
blogging Phillies baseball and the home of Phillies Talk Podcast by Rich Baxter

Official announcement brings better news for Phillies for Giles

Mark Appel is now a Phillie

The original deal that was offered up in the press a couple days ago for the Ken Giles to Houston trade seemed promising enough. Now, with the official announcement of the trade today by the Phillies, we were pleasantly surprised that we got more that we even thought in this trade. Read more about the trade in the Houston Astros blog Crawfish Boxes. The Phillies also traded 16-year old shortstop Jonathan Arauz to the Astros, don’t think I’ve heard of a team trading such a young player in a deal of this magnitude.

Mark Appel is included in the deal for Giles, and Appel was a former 1st pick in all of baseball for the 2013 June Amateur draft. What’s been happening with Appel since the draft? He hasn’t exactly blossomed into the player that the Astros were hoping he would in regards to his ERA.

Appel’s numbers have been puzzling, he hasn’t really been a lights out pitcher in  in the minors. Last year though he compiled a 10-3 record two leagues in the Astros minors. If Appel is going to be a starter, I think we’ll be seeing him really soon for the Phillies perhaps even out of Spring Training, if he does well enough.

Appel’s numbers in the minors:

Year Age AgeDif Tm Lg Lev Aff W L W-L% ERA
2013 21 -0.7 2 Teams 2 Lgs A-A- HOU 3 1 .750 3.79
2013 21 -0.3 Tri-City NYPL A- HOU 0 0 3.60
2013 21 -0.8 Quad Cities MIDW A HOU 3 1 .750 3.82
2014 22 -1.7 2 Teams 2 Lgs A+-AA HOU 3 7 .300 6.91
2014 22 -1.1 Lancaster CALL A+ HOU 2 5 .286 9.74
2014 22 -2.4 Corpus Christi TL AA HOU 1 2 .333 3.69
2014 22 -1.0 Salt River AZFL Fal 1 0 1.000 2.61
2015 23 -2.6 2 Teams 2 Lgs AAA-AA HOU 10 3 .769 4.37
2015 23 -1.4 Corpus Christi TL AA HOU 5 1 .833 4.26
2015 23 -3.8 Fresno PCL AAA HOU 5 2 .714 4.48
Minors (3 seasons) Minors 16 11 .593 5.12
All Levels (3 Seasons) 17 11 .607 4.85
AA (2 seasons) Minors 6 3 .667 4.05
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Generated 12/12/2015.

Suddenly, the Phillies have pitching and more pitching. They are stockpiling pitchers like there is no tomorrow. Again, we have to think that this will be a good thing. It also follows along with the theme of new Phillies GM, Matt Klentak, not relying on big name free agents to get the job done on the mound for the Phillies. News was announced of a signing of another pitcher, from the Pirates, Charlie Morton and his $8M salary for 2016, so maybe this is Klentak’s veteran after all? Read more about Morton’s addition here in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. One interesting thing about Charlie Morton is that he isn’t all that good, and he hits a lot of batters as it’s talked about in this post from 2014 in Fangraphs about Morton.

Will this be successful? Time will tell if this philosophy is better than Amaro Jr.’s approach to signing pitchers. Looking at all of the pitching that Klentak has already assembled, it’s going to be a real battle for the starting 5 on the roster. You have to figure that Aaron Nola will be the first starter, followed by Jeremy Hellickson and maybe a healthy Matt Harrison. That would leave two spots open for the starting 5. Add in all of the new names, and we could be in for an interesting Spring Training 2016.

The other players in the deal from Houston are: Vincent VelasquezHarold ArauzBrett Oberholtzer – and Thomas Eshelman.

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