blogging Phillies baseball and the home of Phillies Talk Podcast by Rich Baxter
blogging Phillies baseball and the home of Phillies Talk Podcast by Rich Baxter

New faces will stock Phillies roster in 2016

The calendar is flying, it’s December 1st and that’s only 89 days until the first Spring Training game in Florida between the Phillies and the University of Tampa. This will be a real battle for positions for a bunch of positions. The Phillies made some interesting pickups for possible starting pitching to augment the guys that came up from the minors.

What’s been happening since the end of the season? We’ve added a few players, and bid adieu to a few players. Let’s take a look at the players the team added:

Dan Otero – claimed off waivers from the Oakland Athletics

Jeremy Hellickson – acquired via trade with Arizona for Sam McWilliams

A.J. Achter – claimed off waivers from the Minnesota Twins

Michael Mariot –  claimed off waivers from the Kansas City Royals

Of course the Phils will have number non-roster invitees to Spring Training, with hopes that one or more may stick with the team.

And, the Phillies really seem to be challenging the notion that Caesar Hernandez will be our Opening Day second baseman, they have signed 2nd baseman free agent, Ryan Jackson, to a minor league contract, and invited him to Spring Training, signed 2nd baseman free agent, Emmanuel Burriss, and invited him to Spring Training, and signed  2nd baseman, Angelys Nina, to a minor league contract.

We of course saw the departure of a few players as well, all of the starters that Ruben Amaro had assembled: Aaron Harang, Jerome Williams, and Chad Billingsley. All combined in their Phillies careers, these three were the following:

Chad Billingsley – 2-3  5.84 ERA
Aaron Harang – 6-15  4.86 ERA
Jerome Williams – 4-12  5.80 ERA

Little wonder that the Phillies had the second worst ERA in 2015 in the NL (4.69) in 2015, Rockies were at the bottom with 5.04 ERA.

We also said goodbye to Cliff Lee, Justin DeFratus, Dom Brown (can’t believe the Phillies couldn’t have traded for someone for him), Jeff Francoeur, Tommy Joseph, Brian Bogusevic,  and Kelly Dugan. Rumors have surfaced that the Phils may be interested in Francoeur for ’16, but so far nothing happening on that rumor.

Brown’s story is the most puzzling, we’ve seen him for years, he was the top rated prospect in all of baseball in 2010, and had a break out season in 2013 with 27 HR but then dropped off of the radar with less than mediocre results the past two years.

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