blogging Phillies baseball and the home of Phillies Talk Podcast by Rich Baxter
blogging Phillies baseball and the home of Phillies Talk Podcast by Rich Baxter

Mackanin wasn’t the answer to Phillies woes

Andy MacPhail’s first hiring move not exactly inspiring

The Phillies continue to baffle when it comes to moves that they are making.

Pete Mackanin was a good choice to ride out the rest of the season after Ryne Sandberg made his decision to leave the team back on June 26th, 2015. Is he the type of guy that the Phillies will see take the reins of this team into the future?

The answer to that is probably no.

Why then would the Phils even think about having him on for another year? The offseason is looming, there will be many choices for teams with managers that are going to be available after the season and maybe some good candidates that could have taken this job.

Mackanin was speaking about the opportunity to guide this team from Spring Training next year after it was announced that he will be the manager for 2016, he was also surprised that it wasn’t a longer contract, though the team does have an option for 2017.

Andy MacPhail could’ve have did what he was supposed to do, get a good manager, and a GM combination on board with this team instead of keeping what didn’t work for this team all of this year.

Yes, the Phillies team pulled together after the All-Star break, they played really well for a month or so, but then everything degraded back to where it was when Ryno decided to quit. Keeping the entire coaching staff after last season was a debacle, and now it’s getting compounded.

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