blogging Phillies baseball and the home of Phillies Talk Podcast by Rich Baxter
blogging Phillies baseball and the home of Phillies Talk Podcast by Rich Baxter

Wild game as Phils solved deGrom but bullpen imploded to allow Mets HR barage

David Wright, the Mets captain, returned to the team last night hitting a HR but making 2 errors

Well, the good news is that the Phillies found a way to beat Jacob deGrom last night, but the Phillies pitching staff couldn’t hold the Mets offense back.

The Mets answered after being down 7-2 against the Phillies by chipping away at the Phillies starter, Adam Morgan, and then taking advantage of a bullpen that imploded for the Phillies.

The Phillies bullpen came into the game to relieve Adam Morgan, who himself gave up 4 HR, and then the Mets unleashed a torrent of home runs that set a new record for home runs hit in a game at Citizens Bank Park last night.

Howard, Rupp, and Brown all had HR’s for the Phillies to put them into a nice lead and then the Mets fired back with HR’s by hitting long balls against starter Adam Morgan by Wright, Flores, Lagares, and d’Arnaud before he was taken out of the game. Morgan gave up 5 ER with 3 SO while giving up 4 HR.

The Phillies relievers didn’t do much better. Hector Neris was next, he gave up 2 HR to the Mets that were hit by Flores and Cuddyer. Neris gave up 4 ER on the night.

It didn’t stop there, the Mets were in full swing mode still as they hit another HR off of Phillies reliever Justin DeFratus (Justin gave up 5 ER to match his 5.93 ERA) by Daniel Murphy and then one more by the Mets against Phillies pitcher Adam Loewen by Yoenis Cespedes.

The final score was 16-7 in a rout by the Mets, but the Phillies did have chances to answer back many times during the game despite the HR’s that were being hit. The Phils stranded many base runners late in the game, the bases were loaded for Domonic Brown and he could just offer up a two-out pop out.

Game 2 of the series continues tonight, it doesn’t look too much better for the Phillies as Jerome Williams starts for the Phillies with his 6.10 ERA.

Mets HR’s :  8

Phillies HR’s: 3

New record for CBP with 11 HR in a game

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