blogging Phillies baseball and the home of Phillies Talk Podcast by Rich Baxter
blogging Phillies baseball and the home of Phillies Talk Podcast by Rich Baxter

It’s Cody Asche Wiffle Ball and Bat Day at CBP, but there is no Cody Asche

Cody Asche would probably have loved to play this game today in Philly

The Phillies seem to have a knack for making up promotions with players, then when it’s time for the promotion, the player is no longer on the team with the big club.

Today’s special giveaway for youngsters 14 and under is a Cody Asche special Wiffle Ball and Bat set. It retails for about $4-$5 at most stores and a kid would love to get this at the ballpark. All the while honoring one of their heroes as well on the field.

But, there will be no appearance by Cody Asche.

Asche was sent packing to the minor leagues last week in a hasty move by Phil’s management to bring up Miakel Franco in the third base spot and send Asche back down to the AAA level.

My impressions so far on Franco:

1. He needs to hustle every play out and be happy he is on the major league club, he’s not a star but certain things he does on the field lend one to believe that he already thinks he is a big star. He earned a walk the other night and practically strolled down to first, get some hustle in you on every play.

2. Franco ‘made a face’ when third base coach, Pete Mackanin waved him around the third base bag last night. It was almost a face that said, “I’ll go if I think I should go” or “I can’t believe your asking me to hustle real hard” type of a face. Just get your sign and barrel on! Don’t look at the play developing as you’re running, just get down the line and do your job.

Franco’s long look back at the action after he was signaled to go:

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