blogging Phillies baseball and the home of Phillies Talk Podcast by Rich Baxter
blogging Phillies baseball and the home of Phillies Talk Podcast by Rich Baxter

Do the Phillies even want to get better?

Ryan Howard has hit a couple recent HRs but has looked like a player without emotion all of 2015

With the last three games ending in bad losses for the Phillies, you have to wonder, does Phillies management want to make this team better?

Ruben Amaro used to be a swashbuckling GM with a wanton disregard for how he spent his team’s money and would sign big named talent in an attempt to keep up with the baseball Joneses of the league.

All that went out of the window, and now the Phillies act like they are an organization with no money and and even worse, no plan to get better.

All the talk is about who will end up with the last of the Phillies ‘gems’ of 2008, where will Cole Hamels land? How about some talk about how the organization can start to make this team better?

Who ever heard of keeping a coaching staff after a team finished so poorly in 2014 (73-89), and now that it’s 2015 (8-15), there is still no talk of improving this team in the very least by getting some new coaches. The Phils organization was all to fast to show the most winning coaches the door in the time following the 2008 World Series win. This 2014/2015 coaching staff has either proved that their coaching skills at this level have been ineffective or in combination with that, the players aren’t responding to ideas that will make them better.

All this and the team just keeps sinking, becoming an embarrassment to the way that they were just a few years ago.

It may be part of a plan to keep getting top 10 draft picks, but that puts the team another 3 years down the line before the impact of better picks even get in the the big league ballpark to play.  

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