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blogging Phillies baseball and the home of Phillies Talk Podcast by Rich Baxter

What do the Phillies want in exchange for Cole Hamels?

Hamels perhaps relecting on his career in a 2015 photo day pose

You have to wonder what the Phillies are looking for in exchange for Cole Hamels.

Forget the fact that Cole is owed over $100M in the future, Hamels signed a $159M deal for 7 years with the Phillies. Hamels is arguably on his way to a Hall of Fame type of career, though he must start having some great years to get there. Hamels is compared through his age of 30 with a guy named Jim Bunning, who is a former Phils’ pitcher that was elected to the Hall.

What could the Phillies want in return for Hamels?

One thing the Phillies probably want is to not have to pay any future salary to Cole, but that isn’t the way the team dealt off Marlon Byrd, who has just given a two-year deal for $16M and then the team decided to dump him in the second year of that contract and pay half of his salary to add insult to injury.

So what then would the Phils be looking for with trade for Cole? To expect a team to empty their minors for a couple of prospects would be a start, but what is a prospect actually worth? Perhaps a superstar in return for a superstar? That is what I would think you would get for Cole. Maybe a straight up trade for say a Buster Posey or someone like that. That’s what I would be looking for.

Hamels is scheduled to take the mound today in Florida vs. the New York Yankees, a team with no shortage of superstars that could be traded to the Phillies. With a healthy Cliff Lee, the Phillies can afford to jettison Hamels to a team that can ‘win a championship’ as Hamels would like to do.

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