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blogging Phillies baseball and the home of Phillies Talk Podcast by Rich Baxter

Looking at the Phillies and the trade deadline

Grady Sizemore is a player that the Phillies sought out after he was released by the Red Sox, a few years ago, this would have been excellent news

What will the Phillies do after this year’s All-Star break. They’ve been rumored to be sellers, but that was before the team embarked on a 5 game win streak as the All-Star Break is happening.

Is this enough to try to remain optimistic with this year’s Phillies team?

Looking at the players that the Phillies could move, and you suddenly have a whole bunch, the Phils could move players and dump salary and start to rebuild this older team with some younger players.

Here’s the roster list of Phillies players and a look at a few that could move:

Name Age Contract Status 2014 2015 2016
Cole Hamels 30 7 yrs/$153M (12-18) & 19 team option $22.5M $22.5M $22.5M
Ryan Howard 34 5 yrs/$125M (12-16) & 17 team option $25M $25M $25M
Cliff Lee 35 5 yrs/$120M (11-15) & 16 vesting option $25M $25M $12.5M [FA-*]
Jonathan Papelbon 33 4 yrs/$50M (12-15) & 16 vesting option $13M $13M $0 [FA-*]
Jimmy Rollins 35 3 yrs/$33M (12-14) & 15 vesting option $11M $0 [FA-*] FA
Carlos Ruiz 35 3 yrs/$26M (14-16) & 17 team option $8.5M $8.5M $8.5M
Chase Utley 35 2 yrs/$25M (14-15) & 16-18 vesting option $15M $10M $0 [FA-*]
A.J. Burnett 37 1 yr/$16M (14) & 15 mutual option $15M $1M [FA-*] FA
Marlon Byrd 36 2 yrs/$16M (14-15) & 16 vesting option $8M $8M $0 [FA-*]
Mike Adams 35 2 yrs/$12M (13-14) & 15 team option $7M $0 [FA-*] FA
Kyle Kendrick 29 1 yr/$7.68M (14) $7.67M FA
Roberto Hernandez 33 1 yr/$4.5M (14) $4.5M FA
Antonio Bastardo 28 1 yr/$2M (14) $2M Arb-3 FA
Ben Revere 26 1 yr/$1.95M (14) $1.95M Arb-2 Arb-3
John Mayberry 30 1 yr/$1.59M (14) $1.59M Arb-2 Arb-3
Wil Nieves 36 1 yr/$1.13M (14) $1.12M FA
Tony Gwynn 31 1 yr/$900k (14) $900k Arb-3 FA
Grady Sizemore 31 1 yr/$750k (14) $750k FA
Domonic Brown 26 1 yr/$550k (14) $550k Arb-1 Arb-2
Jake Diekman 27 1 yr/$516k (14) $515.5k Pre-Arb-3 Arb-1
Justin De Fratus 26 1 yr/$513k (14) $513k Pre-Arb-3 Arb-1
Freddy Galvis 24 1 yr/$500k (14) $500k Pre-Arb-3 Arb-1
Jonathan Pettibone 23 1 yr/$500k (14) $500k Pre-Arb-2 Arb-1
B.J. Rosenberg 28 1 yr/$500k (14) $500k Pre-Arb-2 Pre-Arb-3
Phillippe Aumont 25 1 yr/$500k (14) $500k Pre-Arb-2 Pre-Arb-3
Darin Ruf 27 1 yr/$500k (14) $500k Pre-Arb-2 Pre-Arb-3
Cody Asche 24 1 yr/$500k (14) $500k Pre-Arb-2 Pre-Arb-3
Ethan Martin 25 1 yr/$500k (14) $500k Pre-Arb-2 Pre-Arb-3
Cesar Hernandez 24 1 yr/$500k (14) $500k Pre-Arb-2 Pre-Arb-3
Cameron Rupp 25 1 yr/$500k (14) $500k Pre-Arb-2 Pre-Arb-3
Koyie Hill 35 Arb
Reid Brignac 28 Arb Arb
Jeff Manship 29 Arb
Luis Garcia 27
Aaron Altherr 23
David Buchanan 25
Ken Giles 23
Mario Hollands 25
Chad Durbin buyout $250k
Payroll (no options) Est. Total Payroll w/o Options (Guaranteed + Arb + Other) $134.4M $100.1M
Payroll (options) Est. Total Payroll w/ Options (Guaranteed + Options + Arb + Other) $164.9M $161.6M
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Just a glance at the top 12 players, gives you plenty of ideas on who could be moved. Is anyone sacred on this list? Meaning that is anyone on this team a keeper, and not to be moved regardless?

Hamels is signed through 2018 at a hefty $22.5M per year, I am not so sure he would have a lot of takers at that salary and the Phillies don’t need to subsidize a move by Hamels by paying any of his salary to another team.

Two Phillies starters this season will probably not be back next year, Kyle Kendrick and Roberto Hernandez. The Phillies kind of need to think about pitching for next season.

Ryan Howard would be a player that the Phillies would probably like to deal. Not so sure many teams would be picking him up with his salary with what he is offering right now. Could an injury pop up with a contending team that needs a first baseman, that could change things.

Papelbon probably leads the parade for first Phillies to get moved. He’s been really vocal about wanting to leave, but does any team want Papelbon and this alter-ego Ocho Cinco?

We’ll see if any of the Phillies better players are moved, will the Phillies get anyone in return for them? That’s an important part of trying to rebuild a team as well to get a decent player in return.

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