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Sabermetrically speaking, Dom Brown is the worst offensive player on the Phillies

Dom Brown has the worst sabermetric numbers on the Phillies, but is he the worst player on the team? I’ve got to preface this headline by saying that I don’t put too much credence into sabermetrics, that is of course complicated baseball equations that measure your overall worth of a baseball player to a team. The numbers don’t speak well […]

Happy Fourth of July!

 It’s the Fourth of July, and the weather is getting hot, that’s going to be even better times for baseball weather too, hopefully the Phillies will start winning more games. Here’s the Phillies starting pitching probables for the Pittsburgh series:   Friday: Roberto Hernandez vs. Gerrit Cole   Saturday:  David Buchanan vs. Edinson Volquez   Sunday: A.J. Burnett vs. Jeff […]