blogging Phillies baseball and the home of Phillies Talk Podcast by Rich Baxter
blogging Phillies baseball and the home of Phillies Talk Podcast by Rich Baxter

Strange 3 game road trip for Phils now in Miami

The Phillies were going to be home for much of the last half of May. Sandwiched in between this home stand though is a brief road trip to Miami to play the Marlins. It’s kind of strange, I don’t remember the Phillies ever having such a brief road trip like this before.

Miami has been knocked down a few pegs since they’ve lost their phenom pitcher, Jose Fernandez. Jose is just one fo the latest crop of pitchers to suffer arm problems and needing Tommy John surgery to fix it. Fernandez was sailing with a 4-2 record before the injury and the Marlins are still 23-22 on the season. Fernandez though will miss the rest of the season.

What the Marlins are last in though is attendance in the NL. The team ranks last in that category with not a lot of home town support. Crowds of only 15-18 thousand have been commonplace with the team this year at home and even though the season is 1/4 over, the club has only seen less than 500K fans pass through the turnstiles in 22 games at Miami.

Contrast this with the Phillies and the Philly hometown fans have given a lot more support to their last place team, the Phils home attendance is 8th of 15 NL teams. The Phillies are use to having more fans than that support them but with the way they have been playing they’ve lost a few of the casual fans that have become more rare at CBP.

Since the Angels series, the Phillies have 14 games at home and these 3 road games are the only games that the Phillies have to travel for. Maybe they can start getting more comfortable at home as they still have a 8-12 record there.

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