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They’re baaaaccckkk! Phillies take to the field in Clearwater

How’s this look @Phillies fans?! #SpringTraining workouts are under way in #Clearwater! pic.twitter.com/bANRbOPKcI — St. Pete/Clearwater (@VSPC) February 13, 2014 Awww it must be nice down there in Florida, even if it’s in the low 60’s – it sure beats a snow storm (the 11th snow storm of the season for Philadelphia) and the nor’easter that we are experiencing in […]

Jim Fregosi recovering from stroke on MLB alumni cruise

1993 Phillies manager Jim Fregosi suffered a stroke on a cruise ship near the Caymen Islands. Fregosi of course was the manager that the 1993 Phillies team made it to the World Series with. The 1993 was a scruffy and tough bunch of players that were very much old school but really pulled together to overcome what ever shortcomings they […]

Phillies add Burnett but Cole gives some bad news

Your browser does not support iframes. When his GM career is over, Ruben Amaro can hit the poker circuit as he plays his cards close to the vest, and never gives away his hand. Today, the Phillies signed A.J. Burnett to a 1 year deal to pitch for the Phillies, and it gives another great reason not to be so […]