blogging Phillies baseball and the home of Phillies Talk Podcast by Rich Baxter
blogging Phillies baseball and the home of Phillies Talk Podcast by Rich Baxter

If Sandberg is doing so great why are the Phillies entertaining others?

Ryne Sandberg is doing very well in his interim status with the Phillies. He’s brought a bit more responsibility back to the players, and I think they have responded very well to his presence as skipper. Could it be possible that Sandberg is only filling a role for a short time with the Phillies?

Just this afternoon it was confirmed to the press that the Phils will look around and consider others for the job that Sandberg has been doing so well at. Does this mean that Sandberg should do the same thing, as he isn’t guaranteed anything by the Phillies, perhaps he could look at other teams as well?

Can Ruben Amaro Jr. possibly be on the way to making ‘the’ worst decision of his GM career in Philly by bypassing Sandberg for the job? If anything, Ruben Amaro Jr. should probably be in the hotseat for a lot of the moves that he and his close staff around him are making.

  • Staffing a bullpen of mainly minor leaguers all season long
  • Several acquisitions that haven’t panned out well for the Phillies
  • Trading two very good offensive players in Pence and Victorino, and thinking the Phillies would be fine
  • Keeping a core of older veterans on the Phillies knowing that they may be past their prime, but somehow he is holding on to them
Sandberg is managing a club that had become very lackadaisical, and sloppy. The team was left to more or less patrol itself, and the play on the field showed it in the last couple weeks leading up to Manuel’s departure. For whatever reason, the players just couldn’t get it together on the field and morale was probably very low with the last few weeks of Manuel’s career with the team. 

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