blogging Phillies baseball and the home of Phillies Talk Podcast by Rich Baxter
blogging Phillies baseball and the home of Phillies Talk Podcast by Rich Baxter

Trade Deadline 2013 ends at 4 PM today, Phils likely standing pat

The Phillies may have started too late in reference to retooling the Phillies by possibly moving a couple veterans or other players that just either have been on the Phillies too long now, or by bringing in some newer players in to help spur this team on better.

The MLB non-waiver trade deadline ends at 4 PM today, and there is a doubt that the Phillies will move anybody this year.

The bloated Phillies with their $165M payroll that is third in the league for the highest payrolls, have been a big disappointment all season long. The season started out with less than stellar play from Ben Revere, and players like John Mayberry Jr, and Delmon Young. Ryan Howard was having a terrible year as well long before his injury to his knee was known about. Phillies ace, Cole Hamels has had his worst year ever, and this team just continues to steam into the depths of the National League East.

The one player that a lot of teams wanted was of course Cliff Lee, and Lee could have been moved just for salary considerations, but it doesn’t appear that a deal will be done for him, but we all all day today before that is known.

The Phillies moved salary last year, and didn’t benefit one bit from it, losing Shane Victorino and Hunter Pence because they were due new contracts the following season. They way the Phillies have been spending payroll money in the last few years has been unprecedented and now it appears that the Phillies again will not be in playoff contention for the second straight year.

Apparently Michael Young, who has a no-trade clause, only wants to go back to Texas if anywhere, and despite the rumors, it appears that he will stay with the Phillies. He hasn’t been all that bad for this team, it’s a lot of other players that could be moved if the situation was right.

Ruben Amaro’s reputation as a ‘deal maker’ is becoming more tarnished by the day. He has gone out with a unlimited checkbook for the Phillies and signed some big free agents, but nothing really has come of all of this as the Phillies last World Series appearance is now a far back 2009.

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