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blogging Phillies baseball and the home of Phillies Talk Podcast by Rich Baxter

American League gains home field advantage in World Series with All Star win

Lee would probably would have wanted to close his eyes at his actions last night at the All Star Game

A while ago no one really cared who won the MLB All-Star game, but now in the past few years the baseball brass have made this game count for something. Now the game means more than ever and this year it was the American League that scored the victory by a 3-0 score and now gets that important home field advantage in this year’s World Series.

The AL came out swinging last night, and from the very first batter, Mike Trout (from South Jersey), swatted a Matt Harvey pitch down the right field line for a double and the AL never looked back after that.

Cliff Lee, who gave a kind of strange stone faced look to the camera upon his introduction before the game started, gave up a couple of hits and had runners on first and third and the AL scored 1 run against him. Thankfully Cliff didn’t get the loss, it was the pitcher before him, Patrick Corbin (11-1 Arizona) that gave up the first run of the game and got the loss last night. Cliff said he wanted to play for a ‘winner’ maybe that was a clue to Amaro that he was ready to move on from the Phillies after a few years of trying to make the team a winner.

All in all a very entertaining game last night, a pitch from Matt Harvey sailed at Robinson Cano, you didn’t even move a foot, it hit him in the knee and gave some Yankee fans a reason to be concerned but Cano’s x-ray came back negative and he said he’ll be back on Friday for the Yanks.

A lot of corporate sponsorship was oozing from the All Star Game, that is what it’s all about, even a comical commercial with our own Phillie Phanatic was pretty cool looking.

Domonic Brown got 1 AB and struck out for the National League and that was all from the Phillies contributions to the game. The NL only managed to get 3 H on the night and that wasn’t enough to even get a run on the board.

Here’s the NL East Standings at the All Star Break 2013:

Rk Tm W L W-L% GB Strk vEast vCent vWest Inter Home Road
1 ATL 54 41 .568 L 1 21-14 12-8 14-12 7-7 31-15 23-26
2 WSN 48 47 .505 6.0 W 1 17-20 9-11 13-10 9-6 27-18 21-29
3 PHI 48 48 .500 6.5 W 2 24-14 9-15 8-9 7-10 26-21 22-27
4 NYM 41 50 .451 11.0 W 1 15-23 9-17 9-8 8-2 17-27 24-23
5 MIA 35 58 .376 18.0 L 1 18-24 5-15 9-11 3-8 21-27 14-31
Avg 45 48 .481 19-19 8-13 10-10 6-6 24-21 20-27
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Generated 7/17/2013.

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