blogging Phillies baseball and the home of Phillies Talk Podcast by Rich Baxter
blogging Phillies baseball and the home of Phillies Talk Podcast by Rich Baxter

Phils trying to do more with less

The days of the Phillies championship seem more like
 10 years ago rather than 5 years ago that it is now
The Phillies got a much needed Sunday win against the Atlanta Braves, they won the series 2-1, after a 13-4 drubbing on Saturday night on the Fox game of the week, Baseball Night In America.

I like to hear national commentary sometimes about the Phillies, these are guys that don’t normally follow one team like our home broadcasters do. What they have to say about certain players is interesting to listen to.

The broadcasters proclaimed that the Phillies will either be ‘buyers’ or ‘sellers’ at the trade deadline depending on what they do on this long home stand that the team is on.

That information came from Ruben Amaro, who now has become very vocal in the talk about this team now that the trade deadline is approaching.

It’s a departure from last year, apparently, when the Phillies did practically nothing but dump salaries with getting rid of Shane Victorino and Hunter Pence. But in fact is it? The Phillies didn’t really gain anything and traded off two very good players in Victorino and Pence. Yes, it was a money move, the Phillies have been trading up with bigger salaries and bringing in cheaper replacements as seen with Ben Revere, and Delmon Young. Both players are a fraction of what Victorino and Pence would make. The team has also played like a lesser quality team, and there is plenty more moves the Phillies could make due to excessive high salary for how the club is playing.

Now one of the biggest salaries on the Phillies is on the DL, Ryan Howard. He’s been having a terrible year on top of him saying that he is injured. Can the Phillies somehow make a deal for Howard to some club like the Milwaukee Brewers or some team like them? If they make any more moves, they should be getting someone of equal value. That is Amaro’s job, not just to sprinkle the best players of the team to any team he’d like to.

Is Amaro completely innocent of this Phillies lack of success? Yes, he is and he himself could be soon on the receiving end of a reminder of that if the Phillies don’t end up making the playoffs again. His moves of late have been baffling. Bringing in certain players, and expecting them to play like All-Stars and his endless quest to bring on the Delmon Young’s and the acquisition of Carlos Zambrano. What is Amaro thinking?

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